Master in Artificial Intelligence (MAI)

Advanced Human Language Technology - Spring 2021

Previous editions: 2019 2020



All sessions will be online. Find more details at El Racó

Date Content Lecturer
February 18th Introduction
Statistical Language Models
MLE practical example
Lab Session 1 : Groups 11&12
Task data & other stuff
Guidelines for first task (rule-based NERC)
February 25th Statistical Language Models (continued)
MEM practical example
Exercises about estimation and smoothing
Lab Session 2 - Consulting
March 4th Lexical similarity. Distributional Semantics. Lluís
Lab Session 3 : Groups 11&12
Guidelines for second task (ML-based NERC)
March 11th Sequence Prediction
Exercises about features
Lab Session 4 - Consulting
March 18th Constituency Parsing
Exercises about parsing
Lab Session 5 - Consulting
March 25th Dependency Parsing Lluís
Lab Session 6 : Groups 11&12
Guidelines for third task (rule based DDI)
April 1st Spring break (Easter holidays)
April 8th Recap exercises on all previous topics Lluís
Lab Session 7 - Consulting
April 15th No class (FIB midterm exam week)
April 22nd Overview
Word Embeddings
Exercises about Word Embeddings

Video Lectures
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Word2vec procedure
6.3. Word2vec sense bias
Lab Session 8 : Groups 11&12
Guidelines for fourth task (machine-learning DDI)
April 29th Word Classification
Exercises about Word Classification

Video Lectures
7.1. Introduction
7.2. NER
7.3. Computation
Lab Session 9 - Consulting
May 6th Recurrent NN Language Models
Exercises about RNNs

Video Lectures
8.1. Introduction
8.2. Training RNN-LM
8.3. Vanishing Gradient
8.4. Gated Units
8.5. Bidirectional and Multilayer RNNs
Lab Session 10 - Consulting
May 13th Transformers
Advanced Transformers
Lab Session 11 : Groups 11&12
Guidelines for fifth task (neural network NERC)
Guidelines for sixth task (neural network DDI)
May 20th Ethics Marta
Lab Session 12 - Consulting
May 28th Discussion/Review Marta
Lab Session 13 - Consulting

Important dates

March 24th: Delivery of report for lab tasks 1 and 2
May 12th: Delivery of report for lab tasks 3 and 4
June 13th: Delivery of report for lab tasks 5 and 6
June 3rd, 15h-17h: Final exam (presential)



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