Connecta 19: A UPC initiative for the Covid 19 pandemic emergency

The /rdlab has been deeply involved in the Connecta 19 initiative, a collaboration between the UPC Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering, their students, the research and development lab (/rdlab) and the Catalan Government health agency. With the Covid19 pandemic emergency and the patient isolation needs, most medical services collapsed. Hence,...

Telecommuting experiences workshop at RedIRIS

RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network that provides advanced communication services to the scientific community and national universities, organizes several workshops about Telecommuting experiences due to the Coronavirus home confinement. The /rdlab will share his platforms and services to provide worldwide access for researchers. More detailed information here:

Quantifying the non-reported new daily COVID-2019 cases by region in Spain

In 2016 a method for analysing under reported data was developed by Fernández-Fontelo, Cabaña, Puig and Moriña (2016): Under-reported data analysis with INAR?hidden Markov chains, Statistics in Medicine. The method allows an accurate estimation of the number of un-registered cases, with several applications in public health, such as the number of...

eHealth Eurocampus project awarded “Bonne Practique” by Erasmus+

The UPC Computer Science Department participates in the eHealth Eurocampus project. This initiative supports the development of innovative teaching material and activities that will improve the relevance and quality of higher education in the field of eHealth by adapting curricula to labour market needs, while providing students with skills of...

/rdlab 2010-2020

On 2020, the Research and Development Lab commemorates its 10th anniversary as research IT support center. As a part of this 10 years remembrance, we have renewed our corporate image and logo, designed a new website and defined a new strategy for the forthcoming years. /rdlab “Engaged with your research”...
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Declaració Consell de Departament de Ciències de la Computació

En el Consell de Departament celebrat el 9 de Juliol del 2020 s’ha aprovat per consens encarregar a la Junta de Departament redactar aquest escrit, amb l’objectiu de compartir amb els diferents sectors de la comunitat universitària unes reflexions que són àmpliament compartides pels membres d’aquest departament.

Creiem que els motius expressats en l'escrit mereixen una profunda reflexió per part de tots i us convidem a que ho compartiu amb qui us sembli oportú per tal d'engegar un debat en el que es reconsiderin les prioritats de la Universitat, respecte a la seguretat dels seus treballadors, tot seguint mantenint els criteris de qualitat de la nostra estimada universitat.

Clickeu aquí per a llegir la declaració.