WEA 2006


Fifth International Workshop

May 24-27, 2006

Menorca Island, Spain

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The spectacular Algendar Gorge,which runs for 6km, is on the south coast of Menorca and reaches the sea at Cala Santa Galdana. The gorge has high limestone cliffs (80 meters height) and a small stream flows through the densely vegetated valley bottom.

Menorca's barrancs, or gorges, are wild and lonely places, deep clefts formed over tens of thousands of years by the gradual erosion of the limestone plateau in the south.

The gorges attract a huge variety of wildlife - birds, butterflies, flowers. Kestrels and kites nestle among the rushes; you see herons, buzzards and booted eagles. Lizards sun themselves on the rocks and tortoises wade through the marshes. The combination of rainfall, humidity and protection from the wind produces a richness of vegetation rarely seen elsewhere.

Algendar Gorge is the most dramatic of all - and one of the most challenging to explore.


  • The hiking tour is about 5 hours. We recommend you to wear confortable shoes.
  • Even in case of rain, the hiking tour will not be cancelled (in fact, our guide says it is even nicer when it rains). We recommend you to bring with you a raincoat.