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Gabriel Valiente

accredited Full Professor

Technical University of Catalonia

Department of Computer Science

Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Complexity and Formal Methods Research Group



Research Articles in Journals and Conference Proceedings

Book Chapters

  • G. Valiente. Efficient Algorithms on Trees and Graphs with Unique Node Labels. In A. Kendel, H. Bunke, M. Last (Ed.), Applied Graph Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, volume 52 of Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer-Verlag (2007), pp. 137-149.
  • D. Gilbert, F. Rosselló, G. Valiente, M. Veeramalai. Alignment-Free Comparison of TOPS Strings. In J. Daykin, M. Mohamed, K. Steinhöfel (Ed.), London Algorithmics and Stringology, volume 8 of Texts in Algorithmics, College Publications (2007), ch. 11, pp. 177-197.
  • T. Asano, P. Evans, R. Uehara, G. Valiente. Site Consistency in Phylogenetic Networks with Recombination. In C. S. Iliopoulos, K. Park, K. Steinhöfel (Ed.), Algorithms in Bioinformatics, volume 6 of Texts in Algorithmics, College Publications (2006), ch. 2, pp. 15-26.
  • F. Rosselló, G. Valiente. Graph Transformation in Molecular Biology. In H.-J. Kreowski, U. Montanari, F. Orejas, G. Rozenberg, G. Taentzer (Ed.), Formal Methods in Software and System Modeling, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3393 (2005), pp. 116-133.
  • A. Lozano, G. Valiente. On the Maximum Common Embedded Subtree Problem for Ordered Trees. In C. S. Iliopoulos, T. Lecroq (Ed.), String Algorithmics, volume 2 of Texts in Algorithms, College Publications (2004), ch. 7, pp. 155-169.
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