Instructions for prospective students

PhD students

Previous knowledge in Visualization and/or Computer Graphics is a must if you want to be my student.

If you want me to supervise you, do not send me a generic e-mail that you sent to all the department members, or worse, to many departments at the same time. It is a sign of laziness to do so. Our interest in supervising you will decrease exponentially with the number of recipients of such template e-mails where you filled some boxes with a name and the name of a research group. My colleagues and I receive many such e-mails. And it is a waste of time for us, and probably for you since they will likely be deleted.

If you send me an e-mail saying you are very interested in my areas of research, you should be sincere, and be sure you know what are they. Do your homework first.

TFG / TFM students

I supervise final projects (TFG) or Master thesis (TFM) mainly in the areas of scientific and medical visualization or computer graphics.

Take a look at the TFM projects I have supervised (see below) to have an idea of the types of projects I am typically involved in.

Feel free to send me an e-mail to suggest an idea or to ask for one.

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