Mario Martin's home page

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

ML and Neurophysiology

In last years, I've had the opportunity to work with real data from neurological origin. That's especially interesting and somewhat ironic. Artificial Intelligence to know more about intelligence!

Policy Learning

I've been always interested the ultimate goal of learning in agents: learning to behave toachieve goals. That's why I have done some research (including my PhD) in policy learning (mainly in reinforcement learning).

Machine Learning

I've done some basic research in Machine learning, especially in the topics of support vector machines, transductive learning and unsupervised learning

Learning for Information Extraction.

If have done also some research on application of semi-supervised techniques of Machine Learning to automatically extract patterns for Information Extraction in NLP

Fuzzy Sets

My introduction to research in Artificial Intelligence was through Fuzzy sets in collaboration with CNRS in Toulouse

Research outline

I'm a PhD full time researcher at the UPC from 1992, integrated in the KEMLG group.

There has been tree main areas of interest in my research, all of them around machine learning in artificial intelligence: Policy learning, unsupervised/semisupervised learning, and applications of machine learning techniques. Most of the research is theoretical, but there are also practical applications of machine learning.

In the last years I have supervised two doctoral dissertations, and currently I am supervising two more.