Master thesis advisor

Júlia Folguera. Architectural Layout Design with Spectral Methods, October 2020. [ bib | PDF ]
Roberta Priolo. Proximity-based resource sharing in high level synthesis for FPGAs, December 2019. Co-advised with Luciano Lavagno. [ bib | PDF ]
Narcís Ricart. Machine learning techniques for resource prediction in nanoelectronic circuit design, July 2017. Co-advised with Jonàs Casanova. [ bib | PDF ]
Alexandre Vidal. Sat-based algorithms for internal cell routing in nanoelectronic circuits, October 2015. Co-advised with Jordi Petit. [ bib | PDF ]
Alberto Moreno. Synthesis of timing paths with delays adaptable to integrated circuit variability, July 2015. [ bib | PDF ]
Daniel Rivas. Trace compression mechanisms for the efficient simulation of CMP, July 2014. Co-advised with Francesc Guim. [ bib | PDF ]
Alex Alvarez. Library-free technology mapping for vlsi circuits with regular layouts, July 2014. Co-advised with Sachin Sapatnekar. [ bib | PDF ]
Javier de San Pedro. A simulation framework for hierarchical Network-on-Chip systems, July 2012. Co-advised with Josep Carmona. [ bib | PDF ]
Andrey Ziyatdinov. Multi-Clustering net Model for VLSI Placement, September 2008. [ bib | PDF ]
Jonàs Casanova. Clustering for the optimization of asynchronous controllers, June 2008. [ bib | PDF ]
Dmitry Bufistov. Performance optimization of latency insensitive systems, February 2008. [ bib ]
Marc Galceran-Oms. Elastic Esterel, July 2007. Co-advised with Gérard Berry. [ bib | PDF ]

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