Alfredo Vellido

I am currently an associate professor (formerly a Ramón y Cajal researcher) at CS / UPC, and part of the SOCO SGR Research Group.
Member of the IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society Spanish Chapter,
the IEEE-CIS Data Mining Technical Committee in which I am Chair of the Task Force on Medical Data Analysis,
the CIBER-BBN, and the ATICA research network.

CS academic coordinator at Escola Superior d’Enginyeries Industrial, Aeroespacial i Audiovisual de Terrassa (ESEIAAT)

Invited talk at ICANN Workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretability (6 9 16, see slides)

Currently organizing a couple of conference special sessions you might want to know about:
at IJCNN 2017 (Anchorage, Alaska, USA) "Machine Learning for Enhancing Biomedical Data Analysis"
at IWBBIO 2017 (Granada, Spain) "Advances in Computational Intelligence for Critical Care"

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Tel.: +34 93 4137796. avellido at lsi dot upc dot edu. //  Dpto. de Ciències de la Computació (CS) Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) BarcelonaTech

Member of 
                  brights  organization, which promotes "a naturalistic worldview, free of supernatural elements"