Ahmed Sabir

I'm currently a second year PhD student at BarcelonaTech. I did my MSc at the Masuda AI lab at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Michiko Matsuda/Hiroshi Tanaka. Now, I'm a member of the TALP Research Group and my advisor is Prof. Lluís Padró.

My previous research was gesture recognition, sign languages and OCR for accessibility application. Especially OCR, and how to make text accessible for blind people. Now, I'm working on text recognition in the wild. Before that, I used to work as measurement specialist to do programming, service maintenance, and testing for reservoir mapping while drilling tools.

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I'm interested in Natural Languages Processing, Computer Vision and Machine learning. Especially, the intersection between language, vision and secne understanding. My current research fouces on adding visual context information to enhnace OCR Re-ranking score. Before that, I was working on human pose and semaphore flag signaling recognition system.

Semantic Relatedness Based Re-ranker for Text Spotting
Ahmed Sabir, Francesc Moreno Noguer, Lluis Padro
arxiv 2019

Neural approach to learn semantic relatedness between word-to-word and word-to-sentence pairs as visual re-ranker for Text Spotting problem or OCR in the wild

Visual Re-rankeing with Natural Language Understanding for Text Spotting
Ahmed Sabir, Francesc Moreno Noguer, Lluis Padro
ACCV18 oral presentation (top 4.5% submission)
arxiv / slide / dataset / bibtex

Word-level Natural Language Understanding based visual re-ranker for Text Spotting

Visual Semantic Re-ranker for Text Spotting
Ahmed Sabir, Francesc Moreno Noguer, Lluis Padro
arxiv 2018

Word-level Visual Semantic Re-ranker

Enhancing Text Spotting with a Language Model and Visual Context Information
Ahmed Sabir, Francesc Moreno Noguer, Lluis Padro
CCIA18 oral presentation, (National Conference)
arxiv / slide / ICDAR2017 Challenge / bibtex

Language and visual context based re-rankers as simple and fast post processing approach to improve scene text recognition for any pre-trained OCR model.

Enhancing Text Spotting with Visual Context Information
Ahmed Sabir
International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR17)
arxiv / poster

ICDAR 2017 Doctoral Consortium

Ahmed Sabir
ArXiv Preprint, 2013  
slide / poster

Developing Japanese semaphore recognition system.

手旗信号認識への Kinect 適用の検討とその評価
Ahmed Sabir, Yoshiki Ito, Yasuhiro Sudo, Hiroshi Tanaka, Michiko Matsuda
IEICE12 oral presentation
slide/ bibtex/blog/poster

Investigation and Evaluation on Application of KINECT to Handflag Signaling Recognition in Japanese language.


Hackathon Mobility BCN
Ahmed Sabir, Jaime Sendra, José Umberto Gamboa , Juan Pedro, Carlos Valencia, 2017
Driving Experience Hardware Winner, Team Vegeta  
slide / cm / video / picture

Seat/Carnet Mobility Hackathon (48hrs).

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