BESAI ’2000 Workshop Papers



Monday, August 21, 2000

Knowledge management in Environmental Decision Support Systems

U.Cortés, M. Sànchez-Marrè, J. Comas, I. R-Roda and M. Poch

Knowledge-Based Models for emergency management systems: The ARTEMIS approach

J. Hernández and J.M. Serrano

A Disaster management system for high water response based on description logics

M. Kullman, D. Rudloff, and F. de Bertrand de Beuvron

Using description logics to integrate fisher’s ecological knowledge in the research of artisanal fisheries

A. Barreiro, D.E. Losada, A. García-Allut, and J. Freire

Deriving qualitative rules from Neural networks in Environmental Science: Preliminary Report

F. Wotawa and G. Wotawa

Improving the landcover classification using domain knowledge

Largouët, C. and Cordier, M.O

Mining Time series meteorological variables using rough sets: A Case Study

C. Férnandez-Baizán, C. Pérez-Llera, R. Portaencasa and J. Feito

Integration of a rule-based expert system, a case-based reasoner and an ontological knowledge-base in the wastewater domain

L. Ceccaroni

Identifying characteristic situations in wastewater treatment plants

K. Gibert and I. R-Roda

Applying Machine learning methods to wastewater treatment plant data

J. Comas, S. Dzeroski and M. Sànchez-Marrè

Building a Web advisor for integrated protection

A. Perini

Induction of Landtype Association Rules from GIS data

L.K. Branting, W.A. Reiners, and H. Wang