AAAI 1999 Workshop
Environmental Decision Support Systems
and Artificial Intelligence

July 18, 1999
Orlando, Florida, USA

A workshop held in conjunction with the

Sixteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence AAAI 1999 and 
Eleventh Innovative Applications of AI Conference (IAAI 1999)

July 18-22, 1999, Orlando, Florida, USA



Workshop Information

What the Workshop is About

Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS) are present in the environmental management process at different levels such as: Environmental Studies and Artificial Intelligence are both of strategic interest. Both areas can provide society with solutions for many real applications, in order to use and protect the environment. Human activities imply intervention into nature, but properly managed, these interventions can be not only ecologically sound but favorable to the continued growth of civilization. The encounter between these fields is a new challenge for many researchers of both communities. Also, governmental agencies may be interested on the workshop.

The workshop attempts to create a discussion platform for AI and Environmental researchers involved in the development of applications in the current and sensitive area as Environmental Decision Support Systems are. This workshop aspires to be an open forum where to expose and discuss some challenging application problems, numerous AI techniques potentially applicable, the advances of international funded projects in the area, and bring together an interdisciplinary community of researchers from both fields exchanging ideas, and possible inspiring some new lines of research.

The technical issues that we expect to be addressed in this workshop may come from all environmental fields (aquatic, atmospheric or terrestrial environmental sciences), showing how AI approaches (knowledge-based systems, artificial neural networks, case-based reasoning, data mining, etc.) can be useful to the environmental design and management systems. New or improved techniques or methods, as well as innovative applications are welcome. Presentations of the current state of ongoing research projects or applications, and contributions emphasizing integration of various technologies or paradigms are especially welcome.

Topics are focused on the following items, but not limited to:

* Synergies between AI techniques and Environmental Sciences
* The state of the art on AI Techniques application to Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS)
* Detailed applications to a real-world complex Environmental System
* Integration of several AI techniques or paradigms
* Challenge applications and techniques
* Future lines of research
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Format of the Workshop

We would like to organize a one-day workshop in a horizontal fashion using the AI techniques or paradigms as the horizontal axis, and the discussion will be promoted to get benefits from a vertical axis that will be the different Environmental fields.

Special emphasis will be devoted towards the challenge application issues, real world successful applications and the exchange of experiences. A panel and/or an invited talk(s) from rellevant computational ecologists and/or environmental AI researchers is been considered to be included.

Presentations will be grouped into sections to foster focused discussions. The workshop schedule will provide time for specific discussions after presentations as well as for extended more general exchange of ideas between sessions. Some of the attendees will be asked to serve as session commentators who summarize and critically reflect on the presentations of a session.

There will be short and long presentations. Long presentations will be oriented for completed or almost completed technical research contributions and short presentations for in-progress technical research contributions and challenging, survey or position contributions.

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Instructions for Participants

Attendance will be limited to 50 participants (upper limit). People will be invited to participate under the criteria of submitted relevant long/short papers to workshop issues.

Authors planning to submit a contribution must contact as soon as possible to the Workshop co-chairs by e-mail. A provisional title and abstract must be provided, including a brief description of contributors' research work/publications/ongoing research projects/applications in the field (up to 1 page).

All workshop participants are required to register for the AAAI 1999 technical program.

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Instructions for Submissions

Interested participants must submit papers electronically in Word for Windows or Unix compatible postscript format to both co-chairs by March 12, 1999.

The format for the papers will follow the AAAI guidelines (two columns, 10-point font). The maximum length of long papers will be up to 6 pages and for short papers up to 3 pages. For details on the format, see the AAAI guidelines for workshop authors.

Notification of provisional acceptance will be sent prior to March 26, 1999. Final camera-ready copies, revised according to the suggestions of the reviewers by the Workshop co-chairs no later than April 21, 1999.

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Important Dates

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Workshop Working Notes

Working notes are intended for use only during the workshop and will not be distributed beyond the workshop without permission. Thus, they shall not be considered for citation, unless converted to a technical report after the workshop.

To make workshop notes available quickly and to a wider audience, working notes will be turned into an AAAI technical report. To this end, the accepted authors must also sign the Permission to Distribute Form and deliver it joined with the camera-ready copy. Individual participants can choose to have their papers omitted from the technical report. AAAI will not hold copyright on any individual contribution, but will copyright the collection as a whole.

While the issuance of a technical report does not constitute formal publication, it does provide authors with a mechanism for citing their work.

It is planned to publish some selected material based or derived from the workshop. As AAAI Press/The MIT Press has the first right of refusal to publish such a work, workshop organizers will explore this opportunity or others available (book format, special issue of a journal), if applicable. Selected authors will have the opportunity to revise and extend their contributions.

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Workshop Committee



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Address for Submissions and Further Information

Proposals have to be submitted electronically (Word for Windows orUnix compatible postscript) to both co-chairs Ulises Cortés and Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, at the following address:

Ulises Cortés / Miquel Sànchez-Marrè
Artificial Intelligence section
Dept. of Software
Technical University of Catalonia
Campus Nord - Edifici C5
Jordi Girona 1-3
E-08034 Barcelona
Catalonia, Spain
Voice: + 34 93 401 70 16 / + 34 93 401 73 34
Fax: + 34 93 401 70 14

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