EDSS ’03 Workshop Programme



August, 10th, 2003





Welcome and Presentation



Session A – Case-Based Reasoning


Development of an Industrial Design Support System for Air Pollution Treatment

Josep Lluís Arcos

Environmental Risk Assessment as a Case-Based Preference Elicitation Process

Paolo Avesani and Sara Ferrari and Angelo Susi


CARMA+: A General Architecture for Pest Management

John Hastings and Karl Branting and Jeffrey Lockwood and Scott Schell


A Case-Based Predictive Sequencing Batch Reactor Controller

Jürgen Wiese and Sascha Schmitt and Ralph Bergmann and Theo G. Schmitt


Session A discussion



Coffee Break – Morning Refreshments



Session B – Reasoning and DSS


Using evidence theory for diagnosis of sensors networks: application to a waste-water treatment process

L. Lardon and J.P. Steyer

Some Applications of Artificial Intelligent Systems in Hydroinformatics

N. Obregón and F. Fragala

Multi-perspective Models for Diagnosing Waste Generation in Chemical Processes

Rajagopalan Srinivasan and Iskandar Halim


Design of a Model-based Decision Support System

for Water Treatment

P. Struss and M. Bendati and E. Lersch and W. Roque and P. Salles


Unsupervised Feature Weighting Techniques for Environmental Predictive Tasks do not perform so badly!

Héctor Núñez and Miquel Sànchez-Marrè and Ulises Cortés


Session B discussion


EDSS Morning Discussion






Session C – Architectures


Defining a Decision Support System to Manage Filamentous Bulking Episodes in

Activated Sludge Systems

Montse Martínez and Miquel Sànchez-Marrè and Joaquim Comas and Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda

Towards the Distributed Management of Emergencies: Forest Fires Case Study

Emma Rollón and David Isern and Alejandro Agostini and Ulises Cortés


Session C discussion


BESAInet discussion

Franz Wotawa


Coffee Break – Afternoon Refreshments


EDSS’03 Final Discussion