Fourth International Conference on AUTONOMOUS AGENTS
(Agents 2000)
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
June 3 - June 7
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Agents 2000

Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce III

June 3th-4th, 2000, Barcelona, Catalonia, European Union

This workshop intends to set the scene for the assessment of the challenges that Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce faces as well as the opportunities it creates. By focussing on agent-mediated interactions we expect to bring together specialists from different disciplines that will contribute theoretical, methodological and application perspectives in the narrowly focused topic that nevertheless involves wide ranging concerns such as:
agent architectures, institutionalization, economic-theory, modeling, legal frameworks, policy guidelines.

The main topics for the workshop will be focusing on the following areas:

Because, on-line auctions form an important area for agent-mediated electronic commerce, we want to devote a separate track to this topic. In particular we want to organize it around the FishMarket (The FishMarket is registered by IIIA, CSIC) tournament building upon successful, past tournaments organized by Juan Antonio Rodriguez and Ulises Cortés. Within this track the main topics are

During the workshop we hope to have some demonstrations of agents as well as the final rounds of the international tournament.

Participants will be provided with the Fishmarket system to be employed in the workshop tournament available to download at a web page ( Apart from the documentation enclosed by the system, participants will be able to subscribe to a list through which they will receive support and will be able to exchange experiences. Such page will also contain a repository of agents dropped by participants themselves that can be used for testing purposes.
Participants will be required to submit their agents prior to the competition so that the organization can test them before the final contest, which will take place the very same day of the workshop. Nonetheless, prior to the final test we plan to run an intermediate tournament in order to provide participants with some feedback.
In order to discuss the results of the final tournament, there will be a panel focusing on the auction strategies and agent architectures deployed by participants.

The Fishmarket system will be provided in a tight collaboration between ISOCO and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC).



Three types of submissions are invited:

  1. Traditional papers

Authors should submit a full paper electronically either in Postscript, LaTeX or Word format. In addition, authors should submit an ASCII version of their title page with abstract by email. (This abstract will be used to present the workshop on the WWW).

Submission format:

The first page of submitted papers should include:

title, author names, affiliations, postal addresses, electronic mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers for all authors, and a brief abstract.

All correspondence will be sent to the first author.

Submissions should not exceed 6000 words (about 10 pages) and should print on 8.5" x 11"

or A4 paper with at least 1 inch margins on all sides.

  1. Demonstrations

We also invite demonstrations of electronic markets and/or agents that operate on electronic markets.

Submission format:

A one page description of the demo should be provided in ASCII format. If possible a URL should be provided on which the software can be tried out or downloaded.

  1. Software agents for the Fishmarket tournament

Finally, it is possible to submit agents that participate in the Fishmarket tournament organized by UPC. See for more details on requirements for the agents and start of the first rounds of the tournament this year.


All contributions should be send to:

The contributions will be selected by the program committee listed below.


Program Committee

A post-workshop book containing revised versions of the accepted papers will be published as a volume of the Springer LNAI series in both printed and electronic version.


Workshop organizers:
Frank Dignum, Eindhoven University of Technology.

Ulises Cortés, Technical University of Catalonia.
Alexandros Moukas, Frictionless Commerce Inc.
Pablo Noriega, LANIA México.
Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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