Knowledge-Based Systems 

This research area is about the development of new techniques for the design of knowledge-based systems and about their application, employing new concepts in  fields such as automatic knowledge-acquisition, relevance-attribute concepts and distributed systems. Our main interests are: 

  •      Industrial-process control 
  •      Real-time system modelization 
  •      Distributed architectures for knowledge engineering 

We have studied the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) control and management modelized by a knowledge-based control system. Thre has been developed a software prototype for the water line of a WWTP. Actually, we are working in the development of a real-time distributed supervisor system for wastewater treatment plant management, as well as working out the design of a distributed architecture for real-time process control.
The work is done in collaboration with the Environmental Engineering group of the Biochemical Engineering Unit (CSIC-UAB) and with Aigües de Manresa S.A.. 

Participants: J.M. Gimeno, J. Lafuente (UAB), M. Poch (UdG), M. Sànchez (UPC), R. Tomas (Aigües de Manresa S.A.).

Since 1996, this research is supported by the Spanish research council (CICyT), by the following project: ``Construcción e Integración de Bases de Conocimiento para Sistemas Basados en el Conocimiento" (TIC96-0878). The new targets of this project are the WWTPs of Girona, Lloret de Mar and Granollers. 

Participants: U. Cortés (UPC), J. Béjar (UPC), K. Gibert (UPC), R. Sangüesa (UPC), M Martín (UPC), J. M. Gimeno, L. Talavera (UPC), J. Roure (UPC), J. Valdés (UPC), D. Riaño (URV), J. M. Ribó (UdL), Luigi Ceccaroni (UPC).