The Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning group (KEMLg) belongs to the Software Department (LSI) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The group has been active in the artificial intelligence (AI) field since 1988. 

The artificial intelligence techniques involved, in which the KEMLg is expert, are:

•    knowledge representation, ontologies, the semantic Web and Web services;
•    software agents, electronic institutions and multi-agent systems;
•    intelligent decision support systems;
•    data mining;
•    supervised and unsupervised machine learning;
•    Bayesian networks;
•    case-based reasoning;
•    knowledge-based systems;
•    knowledge acquisition and knowledge discovery from structural analysis;
•    simulation and analytical models. 

More precisely:

  • High level communication between systems: flexible communication protocols, communication languages, language semantics and ontologies.
  • Coordination and composition of automated systems and services: intelligent agents, negotiation, team formation, virtual organizations, organizational self design, automated planning, reactive and adaptive social systems.
  • Convergence of distributed AI and Web technology: automated service composition, Web services and the semantic Web.
  • Distributed resource management: application of coordination and distributed problem solving techniques to complex problems.
  • Definition of guidelines for the development of intelligent decision-support systems for sustainable, catchment-scale water management: special focus on rivers within arid or semi–arid ecosystems.

Our major area of application-expertise is in the development of Environmental Decision Support Systems (EDSS) using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. In particular, during the last 10 years we have been working in the area of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), and more specifically on those that have as a technological basis the activated sludge. 
The KEMLg is involved in the following research groups and networks:

@LIS TechNET AgentLink
Xarxa Temàtica de Modelització i Monitorització com a Eines de Suport per la Millora de la Qualitat de l'Aigua