R A N D O M   ' 9 8

2nd. International Workshop on Randomization and Approximation Techniques in Computer Science

Barcelona, Spain, 8-10 October 1998


Electronic submissions are solicited. There are three ways to submit, listed here in order of preference.

  1. The preferred way of contributing is by sending an e-mail message with a URL location where a postscript file containing the submission can be downloaded to: luby@icsi.berkeley.edu

    This email must be received by midnight of June 23 for your submission to be considered. Your submission will be downloaded on June 24.

  2. If a URL location is not available, a postscript file can be sent to luby@icsi.berkeley.edu. The postscript must be received by midnight of June 23 for your submission to be considered.

  3. In extreme cases, contributions may be submitted by sending 6 hard copies to:
    M. Luby, RANDOM'98
    International Computer Science Institute
    1947 Center St., Suite 600
    Berkeley, CA 94704-1198
    Your hard copy submission must be received by June 23 in order to be considered.

Submissions should consist of: a cover page, with the author's full name, address, fax number, e-mail address, a 100-word abstract and keywords (for electronic submission, this page should be in the form of a separate ascii-only e-mail); an extended abstract describing original research in no more than 12 pages; an optional appendix, with more details to be read/consulted at the discretion of the Program Committee. It is expected that accepted papers will be presented at the conference.

Simultaneous submission to other conferences with published proceedings is not allowed, except to FOCS with the understanding that if the paper is accepted to FOCS it will be automatically withdrawn from RANDOM '98.

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