The IQMT Framework for Automatic MT Evaluation
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Here you can find information about IQMT, an open source Framework for Automatic MT Evaluation which incorporates a rich set of metrics operating at several linguistic levels (lexical, syntactic and semantic) based on different similarity assumptions. IQMT has been developed at TALP Research Center NLP group , in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

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Latest development version may be downloaded through subversion.

Everyone is allowed to check out.

We are open to any kind of contribution. If you feel like helping us in the development, please, e-mail us at so we grant you the necessary permissions.

IQMT Discussion Group
  Discussion on features and bugs of this software as well as information about oncoming updates takes place on the IQMT group, to which you can subscribe at:
  and post messages at:
  IQMT at

Any feedback (comments, suggestions, bug reporting) from the nlp community members will be highly appreciated.


The IQMT framework is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) of the Free Software Foundation. This means that it may be linked to and used by commercial software packages. But the license also enforces that any changes or improvements made to the library must be redistributed under LGPL terms.

Thus, if you improve the software, either adding new functionalities, fixing bugs, or adding new metrics, you can not distribute them under different conditions than those stated in the license (i.e. freely and with no usage restrictions).

If you want that your changes and improvements become useful to many other people using this free software, please contact us:


Please reference this tool in your academic works citing the following paper:

  • Jesús Giménez and Enrique Amigó . IQMT: A Framework for Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'06). Genoa, Italy, 22-28 May. 2006.       [.ps]  [.pdf]  [slides]

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