Accepted Paper List

EDAS paper id
Paper title 
1 1569762831 Reliable Data Delivery in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks BWCCA Mahantesh Kambalimath;Mahabaleshwar S. Kakkasageri; Sunil Manvi
2 1569766165 Differentiating the Starting Time of Processes in Energy-Efficient Redundant Execution Algorithm BWCCA Tomoya Enokido; Ailixier Aikebaier;Makoto Takizawa
3 1569769557 A Mobility Model for Air-2-Air Networks based on Airspace Division BWCCA Elis Kulla; Leonard Barolli; Masahiro Hiyama; Makoto Ikeda; Jiro Iwashige
4 1569769559 Performance Evaluation of an IoT-based System for Supporting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder BWCCA Ardiana Sula; Evjola Spaho; Keita Matsuo; Leonard Barolli; Rozeta Miho Mitrushi; Fatos Xhafa
5 1569769571 ETX_ff and ETX_float Effects in OLSR Performance Considering an MANET Testbed BWCCA Masahiro Hiyama; Elis Kulla; Makoto Ikeda; Leonard Barolli; Jiro Iwashige
6 1569769595 Mesh Router Node Placement in Wireless Mesh Networks Considering Different Initial Router Placement Methods BWCCA Tetsuya Oda; Shinji Sakamoto; Evjola Spaho; Admir Barolli; Leonard Barolli;Fatos Xhafa
7 1569769627 Effects of Selection Operators for Mesh Router Placement in Wireless Mesh Networks Considering Weibull Distribution of Mesh Clients BWCCA Admir Barolli; Tetsuya Oda; Leonard Barolli; Evjola Spaho; Fatos Xhafa;Makoto Takizawa
8 1569769647 A Study on the Impact of Latency on VANETs in Urban Environments BWCCA Taiki Honda; Makoto Ikeda
9 1569769703 Performance Comparision of Different Routing Protocols in a real MANET scenario BWCCA Evjola Spaho; Shinji Sakamoto;Makoto Ikeda; Leonard Barolli; Jiro Iwashige
10 1569769807 Performance Comparison of Different Communication Distances in a WMN-SA Simulation System BWCCA Shinji Sakamoto; Tetsuya Oda; Elis Kulla; Leonard Barolli; Makoto Ikeda;Fatos Xhafa
11 1569773255 A Comparison of different heuristic approaches for Satellite Scheduling Problems BWCCA Vladi Kolici; Fatos Xhafa; Leonard Barolli
12 1569773663 Rapid Ray Tracing Analysis of Scattered Field from an Aircraft Model in Super Wide Area BWCCA Junichi Honda; Takuya Otsuyama
13 1569774691 Energy-efficient Dynamic Clusters of Servers BWCCA Dilawaer Duolikun; Tomoya Enokido;Makoto Takizawa
14 1569776047 The Evaluations of Energy Management Methods in Supersaturated Cloud BWCCA Yuichiro Takabe; Minoru Uehara
15 1569776197 Real-time hand pose recognition based on a neural network using Microsoft Kinect BWCCA Salvatore Sorce; Antonio Gentile; Vito Gentile
16 1569777229 Modeling and performance analysis of Scalable Web Servers Deployed on the Cloud BWCCA Abdulaziz Aljohani; Rob Holton; Irfan Awan
17 1569782665 A framework for solving the configuration problem in Wireless Sensor Networks BWCCA Ada Gogu; Dritan Nace; Yacine Challal
18 1569782727 Network Anomaly Detection for m-connected SCADA networks BWCCA Bong-Han Kim; Si-Jung Kim; Do-Eun Cho; Sang-Soo Yeo
19 1569782771 A Power Control Mechanism Based on Priority Grouping for Small Cell Networks BWCCA Antonios Alexiou; Dimitrios Bilios;Christos Bouras
20 1569782903 Performance Analysis of a Positioning Algorithm Using Raw Measurements Taken from a GPS Receiver BWCCA Alban Rakipi; Enik Shytermeja;Shkelzen Cakaj; Rozeta Miho Mitrushi; Bexhet Kamo
21 1569783219 Known-Key Attack-Resilient Cluster Key Management BWCCA Gowun Jeong; Yong-Ho Seo; Sang-Soo Yeo; Hyun S. Yang
22 1569767735 Optimized Handover Mechanism between eNBs and the Dynamic Network of HeNBs in 3GPP LTE BWCCA Mohamed E Fathy
23 1569769929 Investigating Latency in GNU Software Radio with USRP Embedded Series SDR Platform BWCCA Nguyen Binh Truong
24 1569775673 A Novel Approach for Faulty Sensor Detection and Data Correction in Wireless Sensor Network BWCCA Alfonso Farruggia; Salvatore Vitabile
25 1569776679 Proposal of Data Triage Methods for Disaster Information Network System based on Delay Tolerant Networking BWCCA Noriki Uchida; Noritaka Kawamura;Kazuo Takahata; Yoshitaka Shibata;Norio Shiratori
26 1569777029 On protected traffic routing in wireless networks with partial multiple link failures BWCCA Michal Pióro; Dritan Nace; Yoann Fouquet
27 1569758425 OLDA: An Efficient On-Line Data Aggregation Method for Wireless Sensor Networks BWCCA Meisam Kamarei
28 1569766987 ACK with Interference Detection Technique for ZigBee Network under Wi-Fi Interference BWCCA Zhipeng Wang; Tianyu Du; Yong Tang;Dimitrios Makrakis; Hussein Mouftah
29 1569775043 Braided Disjoint Branch Routing Protocol For WSNs BWCCA Attir Azeddine; Yacine Challal;Abdelkrim Hadjidj; Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah
30 1569776829 Evaluation of a Hybrid Method of User Location Anonymization BWCCA Sato Fumiaki
31 1569776907 BalloonNet: A Deploying Method for a Three-Dimensional Wireless Network Surrounding a Building BWCCA Shinya Matsuo; Weihua Sun; Naoki Shibata; Tomoya Kitani; Minoru Ito
32 1569776947 Target Identification by Radar Sensor Networks with Variable-Interval Sampling and Linear Interpolation BWCCA Jen-Shiun Chen
33 1569777349 Coverage Estimation in Floorplan Visual Sensor Networks BWCCA Ahmad Movahedian Attar; M. Hamed Izadi; Maedeh Movahedian Attar;Shantia Yarahmadian
34 1569765581 SPTrust: Reputation Aggregation Method Based on Similarity to Reputation Scores of Power Nodes in Unstructured P2P Networks BWCCA Sonoko Takeda; Hiroki Ushikubo;Hiroshi Shigeno
35 1569775643 Secure medical architecture on the cloud using wireless sensor networks for emergency management BWCCA Ahmed Lounis; Abdelkrim Hadjidj;Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah; Yacine Challal
36 1569776461 Empirical Evidence for Non-equilibrium Behaviors within Peer-to-Peer Structured Botnets BWCCA Deepali Arora; Teghan Godkin; Adam Verigin; Stephen W Neville
37 1569782281 Data Transfer in Delay-Tolerant Networks BWCCA Ronan Bocquillon; Antoine Jouglet
38 1569782895 Efficient Coupling of Routing and Location-based Service for VANETs BWCCA Marwane Ayaida; Hacene Fouchal;Yacine Ghamri-Doudane; Lissan Afilal
39 1569776665 A Novel Coordinated Method with Enhanced Feedback in MIMO Cooperate Communications BWCCA Yingni Zhang; Xiaofeng Tao; Xu Dejian
40 1569782521 Hierarchical Key Negotiation Technique for Transitory Master Key Schemes in Wireless Sensor Networks BWCCA Cesare Celozzi; Filippo Gandino;Maurizio Rebaudengo
41 1569759081 Reinforcement Learning for Routing and Spectrum Management in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network BWCCA Ayoub Alsarhan; Yousef Kilani;Mohammad Bsoul; Ahmad Al-Khasawneh
42 1569776607 Mesh Net Viewer: A Visualization System for Wireless Mesh Networks BWCCA Akio Koyama; Yuki Kumata
43 1569776615 A Health Management Support System Using Fuzzy Theory BWCCA Akio Koyama
44 1569777067 AM-DisCNT: Angular Multi-hop DIStance based Circular Network Transmission Protocol for WSNs BWCCA Areeba Rao; Mariam Akbar; Nadeem Javaid; Saad Noor Mohammad; Shakir Sarfraz
45 1569777093 Distance Aware Relaying Energy-efficiency: DARE to Monitor Patients in Multi-hop Body Area Sensor Networks BWCCA Anum Tauqir; Nadeem Javaid; Sana Akram; Areeba Rao; Saad Noor Mohammad
46 1569777097 THE-FAME: THreshold based Energy-efficient FAtigue MEasurment for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks using Multiple Sinks BWCCA Sana Akram; Nadeem Javaid; Anum Tauqir; Areeba Rao; Saad Noor Mohammad
47 1569777119 Context Aware Identity Management using Smart Phones BWCCA Vamsi Krishna Paruchuri; Sriram Chellappan
48 1569777185 DREEM-ME: Distributed Regional Energy Efficient Multi-hop Routing Protocol based on Maximum Energy in WSNs BWCCA Naeem Amjad; Nadeem Javaid;Arsalan Haider; Abid Ali Awan;Mahfooz ur Rahman
49 1569777195 REECH-ME: Regional Energy Efficient Cluster Heads based on Maximum Energy Routing Protocol for WSNs BWCCA Arsalan Haider; Nadeem Javaid;Naeem Amjad; Abid Ali Awan; Abid Khan
50 1569777209 SIMPLE: Stable Increased-throughput Multi-hop Protocol for Link Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Networks BWCCA Qaisar Nadeem; Nadeem Javaid; Saad Noor Mohammad; Muhammad Yousaf Khan; Shakir Sarfraz
51 1569782827 AMCTD: Adaptive Mobility of Courier nodes in Threshold-optimized DBR Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks BWCCA Mohsin Raza Jafri; Sheeraz Ahmed;Nadeem Javaid; Zuhaib Ahmad;Rashid Jalal Qureshi
52 1569782861 LPCH and UDLPCH: Location-aware Routing Techniques in WSNs BWCCA Yahya Khan; Nadeem Javaid; Yawar Ahmad; Haris Zubair; Syed Ali Shah
53 1569782863 Measuring Fatigue of Soldiers in Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks BWCCA Shah Faisal Iqbal; Nadeem Javaid;Dure Nayab; Mobashar Zahid; Zahoor A Khan
54 1569782869 MODLEACH: A Variant of LEACH for WSNs BWCCA Danish Mahmood; Nadeem Javaid;Sarmad Mahmood; Arsalan Muddasar Memon; Tariq Zaman
55 1569782879 M-GEAR: Gateway-Based Energy-Aware Multi-Hop Routing Protocol for WSNs BWCCA Qaisar Nadeem; Nadeem Javaid;Yahya Maqsood; Aziz ud Din; Zahoor A Khan
56 1569784905 Non-Invasive Inductive Link Model for Implantable Biomedical Microsystems: Pacemaker to Monitor Arrhythmic Patients in Body Area Networks BWCCA Anum Tauqir; Sana Akram; Ayesha Hussain Khan; Nadeem Javaid;Mariam Akbar
57 1569792303 A Secure Wireless Communication System Integrating PRNG and Diffie-Hellman PKDS Workshop CWECS Lih-Jiun Lo; Yi-Li Huang; Fang-Yie Leu; Hui-Ling Huang; William Chu
58 1569792307 The simulation of a robot with emotions implemented with fuzzy logic Workshop CWECS Ya-Ting Hsu; Fang-Yie Leu; Yi-Li Huang; William Chu
59 1569792323 A Handover Scheme for LTE Wireless Networks under the Assistance of GPS Workshop CWECS Fang-Yie Leu; Yushin Huang; Yi-Li Huang; William Chu
60 1569792853 A Software Security Requirement Quality Improvement Procedure to Increase E-Commerce Security Workshop CWECS Sen-Tarng Lai; Fang-Yie Leu; William Chu
61 1569792859 An Analysis of Operating Efficiency in Senior Citizen Welfare Institutions - Application of Bounded-variable and Meta-frontier Data Envelopment Analysis Workshop CWECS Ching-Yu Chen; Jwu Rong Lin; Tso-Kwei Peng; Ya-Han Yu
62 1569793311 An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Servitization and active aging in Taiwan Senior Care Market — A Case Study of Fitness Equipment Industry Workshop CWECS Sue-Ming Hsu; Ya-Lan Chan; Kai-I Huang
63 1569793879 Secure Compression and Transmission of 3-D medical imagery Workshop CWECS Raffaele Pizzolante; Bruno Carpentieri;Arcangelo Castiglione
64 1569793883 Improve two remote user authentication schemes using smart card Workshop CWECS Chin-Ling Chen; Wei-Chen Tasi; Fang-Yie Leu
65 1569793891 A Study on the Integration of ISO 27001 & 27011 and the New Personal Data Protection Act in the Telecom. Industry Workshop CWECS Fang-Yie Leu; I-Long Lin; Hui-Ling Huang
66 1569794385 Differential Flatness Applied to Diagnostic of Nonlinear Systems Workshop DCS Felix Mora-Camino; Andrei Doncescu
67 1569794387 Model Predictive Approach for Detection of Abnormal Flight Handling Qualities Workshop DCS Felix Mora-Camino
68 1569794389 Fuzzy Dual Approach in Diagnostic of Airport Ground Operations Workshop DCS Felix Mora-Camino
69 1569794391 Default Logic for Diagnostic of Discrete Time System Workshop DCS Tan Le; Pierre Siegel; Andrei Doncescu
70 1569794395 Image Medical Diagnostic using Dynamic Programming Workshop DCS Pham Minh Hoan; Sébastien Régis;Andrei Doncescu
71 1569794397 Approximation of Kolmogorov Complexity for Computer Intrusions Workshop DCS Thanh Nguyen; Sébastien Régis;Andrei Doncescu
72 1569786957 Diffracted Fields in Building and Wedge Shapes: A Comparison Study Workshop MAPWC Jiro Iwashige; Leonard Barolli; Saki Kameyama; Motohiko Iwaida
73 1569786971 Path Loss Estimation for Analytically Expressed Inhomogeneous Random Rough Surface Workshop MAPWC Kazunori Uchida; Masafumi Takematsu; Junichi Honda
74 1569789401 Investigation of User Connectivity by Placement of Wireless APs for Vehicle Ad-hoc Network Workshop MAPWC Makoto Ikeda; Taiki Honda; Leonard Barolli
75 1569790417 Resonance of cavity in two-dimensional square-lattice photonic crystal by metallic pillars Workshop MAPWC Hiroshi Maeda; Kazuya Tomiura; Huili Chen; Daichi Ogata; Kiyotoshi Yasumoto
76 1569794381 Interferometric coherence optimization: A comparative study Workshop MAPWC Mounira Ouarzeddine; Boularbah Souissi
77 1569764377 Parallel Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure with Delay and Delay Variation for RP Selection in PIM-SM Multicast Routing MNSA Youssef Baddi; Mohamed Dafir Ech-cherif El Kettani
78 1569777133 A Survey of Home Energy Management Systems in Future Smart Grid Communications MNSA Ishfaq Khan; Nadeem Javaid; Malik Naeem Ullah; Anzar Mahmood;Muhammad Umar Farooq
79 1569789773 Metabolic Ring: Tape based Renewable System MNSA Minoru Uehara; Hideki Mori
80 1569790465 Group Communication Protocols based on Hybrid TYpes of Logical and Physical Clocks MNSA Dilawaer Duolikun; Ailixier Aikebaier;Tomoya Enokido; Makoto Takizawa
81 1569790571 Design and Implementation of a Cache-less P2P Web Proxy MNSA Masashi Nishimine; Kazunori Ueda
82 1569790911 A Quantitative Measure of the Security Risk Level of Enterprise Networks MNSA Rashid Munir; Jules Ferdinand Pagna Disso, de Muila; Irfan Awan;Muhammad Mufti
83 1569791237 A plausible solution to SCADA security: honeypots systems MNSA Jules Ferdinand Pagna Disso, de Muila; Kevin Jones; Steven Bailey
84 1569794373 Very High Resolution Satellite Images Filtering MNSA Assia Kourgli; Youcef Oukil
85 1569794375 Classification of dayas formations on Landsat TM imagery using morphological profiles MNSA Akila Kemmouche
86 1569802243 CMMI for Security Model for Cloud Manufacturing System's Network MNSA Jeong Hwa-Young; Jong Hyuk Park
87 1569769623 Dynamic Data Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Networks Workshop NGWMN Salim Iddalagi; Mahabaleshwar S. Kakkasageri
88 1569777171 Residential Energy Consumption Controlling Techniques to Enable Autonomous Demand Side Management in Future Smart Grid Communications Workshop NGWMN Malik Naeem Ullah; Nadeem Javaid;Ishfaq Khan; Anzar Mahmood;Muhammad Umar Farooq
89 1569782873 Analysis and Modeling of Network Connectivity in Routing Protocols for MANETs and VANETs Workshop NGWMN Saad Noor Mohammad; Saad Wasiq;Waqar Arshad; Nadeem Javaid;Sumbal Iqbal; Muhammad Junaid Ashraf
90 1569782875 Modeling Probability of Path Loss for DSDV, OLSR and DYMO above 802.11 and 802.11p Workshop NGWMN Saad Noor Mohammad; Saad Wasiq;Waqar Arshad; Nadeem Javaid; Sheema Shuja Khattak; Muhammad Junaid Ashraf
91 1569793203 Managing a Coastal Sensors Network in a Nowcast-forecast Information System Workshop NGWMN Joao Gomes; Anabela Oliveira;Gonçalo Jesus; Marta Rodrigues;Alberto Azevedo; João Rogeiro
92 1569793495 A Trust-Based Bit-Map Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Workshop NGWMN Hsing-Chung Chen
93 1569794351 Energy-Efficient Routing based on Geo-Location for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Workshop NGWMN Usama Iqbal; Muhammad Mohsin Rehmatullah
94 1569795653 Energy Aware Cross Layers Design for Wireless Mesh Networks Workshop NGWMN Sarra Mamechaoui; Fedoua Didi; Guy Pujolle
95 1569801745 The Accuracy Enhancement of GPS Track in Google Map Workshop NGWMN Hsing-Chung Chen; Jen-Yung Lin
96 1569791333 Bring Your Own Calendar: A CalDAV-based Virtual Calendar System Workshop NTCAA Yoshinari Nomura; Yuya Murata;Hideo Taniguchi; Masakazu Urata;Shinyo Muto
97 1569791451 Development of Lecture Videos Delivery System using HTML5 Video Element Workshop NTCAA Hiroki Mori; Hisaharu Tanaka; Yoshiaki Hori; Makoto Otani; Kenzi Watanabe
98 1569791455 Development of Network User Authentication System using OpenFlow Workshop NTCAA Shohei Yamashita; Hisaharu Tanaka;Yoshiaki Hori; Makoto Otani; Kenzi Watanabe
99 1569791847 The Design and Development of an On-Line 3DCG Builder for Multi-Player Workshop NTCAA Ningping Sun; Kousei Hayata
100 1569791865 Performance Evaluation of Information Theoretic Secure Multi-Channel Transmission on Multihop Wireless Network Workshop NTCAA Wataru Tsuda; Yoshiaki Hori; Kouichi Sakurai
101 1569792321 A Token-based Illicit Copy Detection Method using Complexity for a Program Exercise Workshop NTCAA Takuo Nakashima; Mai Iwamoto;Shunsuke Oshima
102 1569783251 Foreground Extraction Algorithm using Depth Information for Image Segmentation Workshop RI3C Sang-Wook Lee; Yong-Ho Seo; Hyun S. Yang
103 1569789461 Study on method of new digital watermark generation using QR-code Workshop RI3C Dae-Jea Cho
104 1569789741 An Integrated System of Robots, Smartbox and RFID for Supporting Children Workshop RI3C Evjola Spaho; Ardiana Sula; Keita Matsuo; Leonard Barolli; Rozeta Miho Mitrushi; Jiro Iwashige
105 1569789789 Eye Blinking Detection using Local Ternary Pattern and SVM Workshop RI3C Jong Bin Ryu; Yong-Ho Seo; Hyun S. Yang
106 1569790247 Design of Cursive Handwriting Characters with Nonlinear Typeface Reshaping Transformation Workshop RI3C Hirotsugu Matsukida; Hiroyuki Fujioka
107 1569794641 Consistency Checking Rules of Variability in Software Product Lines Workshop RI3C JeongAh Kim
108 1569798383 Design of Scenario-Based Architecture for Supporting Interoperability among Heterogeneous Home Network Middlewares Workshop RI3C Jae-Hyuk Cho
109 1569789641 A Design of State Acquisition Function using Range Image Sensor for 3D Symbiotic Space Workshop SCMAS Takuya Kawamura; Toru Abe; Takuo Suganuma
110 1569789647 Autonomous Control Method using AI Planning for Energy-efficient Network Systems Workshop SCMAS Kouta Awahara; Satoru Izumi; Toru Abe; Takuo Suganuma
111 1569792557 A Method to Configure Autonomous Sensor Nodes Workshop SCMAS Hideki Hara
112 1569792559 Surveillance Architecture of Evolutional Agent System on Repository-based Agent Framework Workshop SCMAS Takahiro Uchiya; Tetsuo Kinoshita