Accepted Paper List

Main Conference

Super Peers Deployment in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
R. Venkadeshan

Optimized MPI-Based Approach for Solving the N-Queens Problem
Ahmed Khademzadeh, Morteza Aghamohammadian Sharbaf, Amin Bayati

An Integrated Node Selection Models for Parallel Transmission Service
Chunmao Jiang, Guoyin Zhang, Mingcheng Qu

To Enhance the lifetime of wireless sensor-actor network using Bin -periodic algorithm and Bin-free algorithm
Madhura Sanap

Addressing QoS in Grids through a Fairshare Meta-Scheduling In-Advance Architecture
Luis Tomás, Per-Olov Ostberg, Blanca Caminero, Carmen Carrion, Erik Elmroth

A Self-Configurable Desktop Grid System On-demand
Walid Saad, Heithem Abbes, Christophe Cerin, Mohamed Jemni

Implementing Hadoop Platform on Eucalyptus Cloud Infrastructure
Vahid Amiry, Shayan Zamani, Morteza Javan, Mohammad kazem Akbari

Research and Application of Improved Apriori Algorithm in Electronic Commerce
Shuo Yang

P2P Botnet Detection through Malicious Fast Flux Network Identification
David Zhao, Issa Traore

Present the Challenges in Eucalyptus Cloud Infrastructure for Implementing Virtual Machine Migration Technique and Provide a Solution for Solve the Challenges
Shayan Zamani, Morteza Javan, Mohammad kazem Akbari

A SLA-aware Algorithm for Reducing Total Cost in Cloud Environment
Mohammad Sadegh Mozafari, Abbas Horri, Gholamhossein Dastghaibyfard

Data Replication in P2P Collaborative Systems: a Survey
Fatos Xhafa, Vladi Kolici, Evjola Spaho, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Takizawa

Distributed Systems in the Wild: The Theoretical Foundations and Experimental Perspectives
Yanyan Zhuang, Stephen Tredger, Chris Matthews, Rick McGeer, Yvonne Coady

Parallel Enhanced Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Continuous Function Optimization
Said Said, Morikazu Nakamura

CDM Server: A Data Management framework for Data Intensive Application in Internal Private Cloud Infrastructure
Kannan Govindarajan

The inter-cloud meta-scheduling system
Stelios Sotiriadis, Nik Bessis, Nikos Antonopoulos, Pierre Kuonen

PREDICT: Parallel Resources for Early Detection of Immediate Causes of Tsunamis
Celina Berg, Josh Erickson, Maia Hoeberechts, Claire de Grasse, Liam Kiemele, Yvonne Coady, T. Aaron Gulliver

Multi-Server MMO Middleware: Unlocked
Yvonne Coady

Distributed Shared Memory with Pthreads
Stephen Holsapple

Load Balancing Optimization Using the Algorithm DEPRO in a Distributed Environment
Elias Nińo, Karen Gomez, Carolina Tamara Gomez

Modeling Resource Prices in Grid Markets
Ramadan Arfa, Jan Broeckhove, Peter Hellinckx

MIP Model Scheduling for BSP Parallel Applications on Multi-Cluster Environments
Hector Blanco, Fernando Guirado, Josep Lérida, Victor Albornoz

Pool vs. island based evolutionary algorithms: an initial exploration
Juan Merelo, Juan Luis Laredo, Carlos Fernandes, Antonio Mora, Anna Esparcia

Minimizing Electricity Theft using Smart Meters in AMI
Muhammad Anas, Nadeem Javaid, Anzar Mahmood, Syed Mohsin Raza, Umar Qasim, Zahoor Khan

Distributed computing with RESTful web services
Frederik Orellana, Marko Niinimaki

Cluster analysis with Parallel K-means algorithm for gene expression data
Dwitiya Tyagi

Performance Evaluation of Yahoo! S4: A First Look
Jagmohan Chauhan, Shaiful Chowdhury, Dwight Makaroff

Large-scale Mining of Co-occurrences: Challenges and Solutions
Ian Sandler, Alex Thomo

Parallel Perspectives: Reverse Engineering for Generation Multi-X
Yvonne Coady

A Data Reception Method to Reduce Interruption Time for Model and Motion Separated Data in P2P Streaming Environments
Masahiro Yokoyama, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio

A Parallel Approach to Combine SVM, Edge and Corner Detection Methods for Sea Target Detection
Saeed Mirghasemi

Distributed Multi Fault Localization for Multi-Domain EPCglobal networks
Mazen Khair, Hussein Mouftah

Colluder Detection in Commercial P2P CDNs Using Reputation Information
Ervianto Abdullah, Satoshi Fujita

Complementary Piece-Based Buffer Map for P2P VoDs Supporting VCR Operations
Ryusuke Uedera, Satoshi Fujita

Analysis of the BitTorrent Protocol Modified with Fountain Code
Enrique Costa-Montenegro, Belén Barragáns-Martínez, Pedro Rodríguez-Hernández, Cristina López-Bravo

Analysis of the BitTorrent Protocol Modified with Multicast
Enrique Costa-Montenegro, Belén Barragáns-Martínez, Cristina López-Bravo, Pedro Rodríguez-Hernández

Analysis of HnH Model for Live Streaming Channels with a Small Number of Viewers
Istiaque Shahriar, Dongyu Qiu, Brigitte Jaumard

BPEX: Localizing BitTorrent Traffic via Biased Peer Exchange
Masahiro Yoshida, Akihiro Nakao

Assessing Trade-offs between Stealthiness and Node Recruitment Rates in Peer-to-Peer Botnets
Deepali Arora, Teghan Godkin, Adam Verigin, Stephen Neville

Secret Key Generation within Peer-to-Peer Network Overlays
Masoud Ghoreishi Madiseh, Michael McGuire, Stephen Neville

A new metric for comparison of p2p search algorithms
Fatemeh Sharifkhani


SMECS-1: Using of Machine Learning into Cloud Environment (A Survey) Managing and Scheduling of Resources in Cloud Systems
Elham Hormozi, Hadi Hormozi, Morteza Javan, Mohammad Kazem Akbari

SMECS-2: A Resource Prediction in Grid Computing Environment with Neural Network
Mohankumar Murugesan

SMECS-3: Secure data aggregation using distributed learning automata in wireless sensor networks
Masoud Barati

SMECS-4: Cloud Resource Provisioning: State-of-the-Art
Asmita Pandey, Inderveer Chana

SMECS-5: Building trustful communication over the Metrized Small World distributed data storage system
Dmitry Gusev

SMECS-6: On System Time Analysis for BitTorrent with Sharing Ratio Enforcement
Yuh-Jzer Joung, Evan Chang

SMECS-7: Hybrid Parallel Bidirectional Sieve based on SMP Cluster
Gang Liao, Lian Luo, Nian Che

SMECS-8: Research on Innovating, Evaluating and Applying Multicast Routing Technique for Routing messages in Service-oriented Routing
Long Nguyen, Nguyen Thuy, Hoang Pham

SMECS-9: Utilizing CommonKADS as Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Supporting Dynamic Virtual Organization Creation
Marcous Yassa, Hesham Hassan, Fatma Omara

SMECS-10: Cloud Protection By Obfuscation: Techniques and Metrics
Muhammad Hataba, Ahmed El-Mahdy

SMECS-11: Analysis of network processor processing elements topologies
Devesh Chaurasiya

SMECS-12: Mathematics used in a novel parallel computer architecture of a cellular type
Neven Dragojlovic


SMDMS-1: Design and Implementation of Sensor Data Sharing Platform for Virtualized Wide Area Sensor Networks
Yoshimasa Ishi, Tomoya Kawakami, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Yuuichi Teranishi, Kiyohide Nakauchi, Nozomu Nishinaga

SMDMS-2: WiFiTag: Direct Link from the Real World to Online Digital Contents
Yutaka Arakawa, Yuki Sonoda, Shigeaki Tagashira, Akira Fukuda

SMDMS-3: P2P Live Streaming Distribution System with Fast Content Switching and Category-Based Recommendation Function
Daishi Kondo, Akihiro Fujimoto, Yusuke Hirota, Hideki Tode, Koso Murakami

SMDMS-4: Development of a Disk-Power Monitoring Environment Using a Stream Processing Engine
Yousuke Watanabe, Haruo Yokota

SMDMS-5: A Scheduling Method to Reduce Waiting Time on Immersive Contents Broadcasting
Yusuke Gotoh, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Hideo Taniguchi, Masanori Kanazawa


SCCG-1: Data Partitioning Evaluation for Multimedia Systems in Hybrid Environments
Virginia Mancini; Fabricio H. Bustos; Graciela Veronica Gil-Costa; Marcela Printista

SCCG-2: Case-Based Reasoning in Parallel Environments
Juan Carlos Saborío-Morales; Álvaro de la Ossa

SCCG-3: Designing a Self-organized Approach for Scheduling Bag-of-Tasks
Juan Luis J. Laredo; Bernabe Dorronsoro; Johnatan E Pecero; Pascal Bouvry; Juan J. Durillo; Carlos Fernandes

SCCG-4: Heteroneneity through Proactivity: Enhancing Distributed EAs
Carolina Salto; Francisco Luna; Enrique Alba

SCCG-5: Solving very large optimization problems (up to one billion variables) with a parallel evolutionary algorithm in CPU and GPU
Santiago Iturriaga; Sergio Nesmachnow

SCCG-6: Parallel Swarm Intelligence for VANETs Optimization
Jamal Toutouh; Enrique Alba

SCCG-7: A parallel evolutionary algorithm for multilayered robust network design
Claudio Risso; Sergio Nesmachnow; Franco Robledo

SCCG-8: Stochastic Product-mix Selection with Grid Computing
Diego Carvalho; Rafael Barbastefano; Luiz Rossi de Souza

SCCG-9: A general purpose parallel block structured open source flow solver
Mariana Mendina; Ana Paula Kelm Soares; Martin Draper; Gabriel Narancio; Gabriel Usera

SCCG-10: Paralleled Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Knapsack Problem in the Cloud
Javid Taher

SCCG-11: Boosting Open-Source Database Engines with Graphics Processors
Nicolas Dechamps; Michel Bagein; Mohammed Benjelloun; Saďd Mahmoudi

SCCG-12: Running MPI Applications Over Opportunistic Cloud Infrastructures
Nathalia Garcés; German Sotelo; Mario Villamizar; Harold Castro


MWVRTA-1: Considerations of Effectiveness of Media Switching and QoS Functions
Kaoru Sugita, Masao Yokota

MWVRTA-2: High Presence Digital Archive of Disaster Experience
Tetsuro Ogi, Hasup Lee, Yuki Ishiyama, Yosuke Kubota

MWVRTA-3: Evaluation of 2D Color Code Reading Characteristics for User Attestation System
Noriyasu Yamamoto, Toshihiko Wakahara

MWVRTA-4: Computer-Aided Design Approaches for Landscape Designing: A Survey
Pavan Welihinda

MWVRTA-5: Huffman Encoding for Data Content in the Albanian Language Used in Image Steganography
Ardi Benusi, Edlira Martiri, Artur Baxhaku

MWVRTA-6: Analysis and Review of Free Riding Problem in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Mohammed Onimisi Yahaya, Farag Ahmed Azzedin

MWVRTA-7: Parallel FFT algorithm arrangement for MPSoC platform
Jingying Dong, Jianhao Hu

MWVRTA-8: A Fault Tolerance Semantic Resource Discovery Method in Grid Computing
Masoud Barati, Rahim Alizadeh