Maria José Serna Iglesias

Departament de Cičncies de la Computació
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech
Campus Nord - Ed. Omega, Desp. 235
Jordi Girona Salgado, 1-3
E-08034 Barcelona

My e-mail is mjserna [at] cs [dot] upc [dot] edu

Phone: +34 934137850
FAX: +34 934137833

I'm a member of the research group on Algorithmics, Bioinformatics, Complexity and Formal Methods (ALBCOM) of the Computer Science Department, in the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona . I'm the coordinator of the doctoral program in Computing

Publications dblp, Google Scholar, vitae (slightly outdated).

Statement I’m honored to have been nominated as a candidate for the EATCS council in the 2019 elections. Theoretical Computer Science forms the core of the development of Computer Science. However, as a research community, we are losing visibility and relevance. We are having fewer students interested in the theoretical aspects of computing. Each time it is more difficult to get funding for basic research projects. The valuation of our publications is not always fair, making them not competitive with other disciplines. Although, the support of EATCS to high-quality conferences has (and is) helping a lot, I believe that EATCS should work futrther towards expanding the programs in order to increasing the exposure to (an the valuation of) TCS to all levels of education and to different communities.

Research Projects   GRAMM
Past Projects

Teaching Fall 2019
FIB:   Algorithmics (A),   Algorithmic Game Theory (AGT)
FME:   Algorithms and Complexity