Research Activities


Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group - KEMLG

I am a member of the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning group (KEMLG) of the Artificial Intelligence section. I am interested in applying Artificial Intelligence to real problems and real domains. I am working in the integration of several AI techniques to cope with real complex processes.

We have been working in:

Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Acquisition
Machine Learning
Concept Formation
Knowledge-Based Reasoning
Case-Based Reasoning
Distributed and Integrated AI Architectures
Real-Time AI Architectures

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I have been mainly working within the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) supervision domain. We are working in a deep colaboration since 1989 with 2 other research groups:

The Chemical and Environmental Engineering Laboratory (i.e., Laboratori d'Enginyeria Química i Ambiental-LEQUIA) from the University of Girona (i.e., Universitat de Girona-UdG).

A group working on WWTP, of the Chemical Engineering Department (i.e., Departament d'Enginyeria Química-EQ) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (i.e., Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-UAB).