Research Innovation

Academic Activities

   Research Projects
  • SKATER: Scenario Knowledge Acquisition by Textual Reading
  • KNOW2: Language understanding technologies for multilingual domain-oriented information access
  • TEXT-MESS: Intelligent, Interactive and Multilingual Text Mining based on Human Language Technologies
  • CHIL: Computers in the Human Interaction Loop
  • HERMES: Electronic Libraries with Multilingual Information Retrieval and Semantic Processing
  •    Innovation Projects
  • DI-TIC: The ICT industrial PhD is a programme where the PhD student conducts an industrial research project.
  • ALICE: Integration of several state-of-the-art technologies related to spoken language and natural language processing used in Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL) systems.
  • T-INCLUYE: an Inclusive Language Recommendation system to detect exclusive language in Spanish documents developed in the framework of Web con Genero project CTIC