Marc Vigo  -  Papiroflèxia / Origami

These pages contain folding instructions, pictures, crease patterns, etc. of my origami creations.
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angry batmanangry batman  

Flying pterodactyl Coat Pencil pot
Beetle A Star Box
Trays Something Regular octaedron
Pony Manta rays Heptagonal cup
Rocket Robot arm Turtle dragon
Dog (perro patràs) Rose Goat
Grasshopper Space invaders Fly man
Pajarita variations Big head monster Punky monkey
Snake dragon
Dwarf warrior
Asymmetric lizards Chameleon Rat
Kangaroo Parrot Entia dragon
Snake dragon variations Sunk dodecahedron Snails
Dung beetle Chimaera Monstrosa
Flying fish
Horny spider Triops Ants
Crab Woodpecker Scorpion
Grasshopper 2 Simple fish Angry batman

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