MA-Clusters Documentation

The Málaga Clusters for the MALLBA Project

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This document is intended to provide a description of MA-Clusters, the workstation clusters we are enabling in Málaga to use in the MALLBA project.

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2. Hardware

    The cluster is actually composed of a set of computer groups:     As you can see, this is a set of heterogeneous hardware resources with different parallel features. It follows a detailed description of every kind of cluster. Machines belonging to the same cluster share the same hardware configuration.

2.1. DIGITAL ALPHA SERVER 4100 5/300

    The AlphaServer is a multiprocessor containing 4 internal microprocessors Alpha 21140-AA at 300 MHz with 256 MB. Each processor has an external caché with 4 MB. At present, 4 AlphaServers are available, each one running Digital UNIX 4.0D (with Pthreads standard), interconnected by a Memmory Channel network. This yields a total of 4x4=16 processors.

    Every single processor has the following hardware characteristics:

    Here follows the name and IP address of these machines:

          IP adress                                   Name
----------------------------------------------------------              memch0 (4 processors)              memch1 (4 processors)              memch2 (4 processors)              memch3 (4 processors)


    This cluster can be readily utilised by MALLBA users to run processes in any of its 8 SUN Ultra 1 machines. The operating system is Solaris 2.5, allowing both Solaris and Pthreads thread libraries. The hardware configuration of every Ultra 1 is:

    Here follows the IP address of these machines. The second column contains the FastEthernet names of the workstations, while the third column describes the ATM names of the machines. Every machine has two adapters. By using the FastEthernet/ATM name the application gets automatic
access to each type of LAN.

          IP adress                  FastEthernet                ATM
-----------------------------------------------------------------                cluster0                    catm0                cluster1                    catm1                cluster2                    catm2                cluster3                    catm3                cluster4                    catm4                cluster5                    catm5                cluster6                    catm6                cluster7                    catm7


        The cluster of PCs will be made up of 8 Pentium III machines with both Windows NT and LINUX operating systems. We finally envision this cluster as being composed of 16 processors and a Myrinet high-speed connecting network, as stated in the MALLBA project. Since processors and adapters are being purchased and since we want to enlarge the life of this cluster as much as we can, we have initially located only 8 processors interconnected by a 10/100 FastEthernet

    In summary, this cluster is at present composed of 8 machines with FastEthernet with the following hardware configuration:

    Here follows the name and IP address of these machines. These addresses and names are COMPLETELY TEMPORARY values assigned untill their completed installation. In fact, IP addresses are fictitious (!). 2.4. ISOLATED WORKSTATIONS

    The LINUX machine has been temporarily arranged to support some users relating the MALLBA project. It can be used to measure latency and bandwith values between any MALLBA node and our node located in Málaga.

    At present, this machine is being used as an NT worstation during the day and with LINUX from afternoon to next morning. People wanting an account login is kindly requested to send an email to the persons listed in the "contact" section (at the end of this page).

    The processor has the following hardware characteristics:

3. How to log in

    By now, the preferred connection to these machines can be made directly from your workstation by using the IP address since adding the domain name to the machine's name, e.g. might still not work. Please, report every problem you could detect whatever the access type is being used. Since we have recently moved to completely new installations and since our building is suffering (really suffering) continuous updates be so kind of reporting us any detected access error so we can solve it.

    Login names have been set to your usual email address to improve commodity. Passwords and additional account changes can be made by request to the persons in the contact list below.

4. Availability

    The described computers are available at any time during the week. The trueno machine is available only from afternoon to morning.

5. Connectivity

Not yet written.

6. General Software

    Details on the software will be added to the section describing each cluster. However, we mainly can state that:     Additional software such as Java, C++, and parallel libraries are listed in the MA-Cluster specific software section (below).

7. Disk Configuration

    Every account has a reasonable disk space to work with. Additional room will be provided upon demand. By now, users are requested to hang any directories and software in their home path.

    The three clusters (memch, workstations, and PC's) have NFS active. As to the cluster of workstations the user accesses a local disk partition by default. However, by cd-ing to /cluster0/home/cluster/users/<username> he/she can access by NFS his/her additional disk room in cluster0, where all the software is directly stored and configured.

8. Initizalization Scripts

    Until now, no automatic initialization scripts are provided.

9. MA-Cluster Software

    The following software is available on MA-Cluster machines:

10. MA-Cluster Environments

    Most software packages need to stablish environment variables. Compilers are directly available. Further software changes will be accompanied of a description on how using it.

11. MA-Cluster Contacts

12. Frequently Asked Questions

None, everything should be quite clear at this point :-)

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