About Developers

My name is Lidia López, I'm an assistant professor at the Software (LSI) Department of the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC). I'm also a PhD student at the same department, my PhD subject is the definition and use of inheritance in i* models. Before starting my PhD studies I was working in a software development company specilised in the development of programs to schedule transport routes using genetic algorithms. You can contact me at llopezlsi.upc.edu

I needed a tool to implement my research results and we decided to use a existing i* tool developed at the research group. I have using as starting point the i* edition component of a tool called J-PRiM. J-PRiM is a tool developed to support the PRiM methodology for process reengineering defined by Gemma Grau in her PhD Thesis. J-PRiM was designed by Gemma Grau, who also developed the code with the assistance of the undergraduate students Sebastian Avila and Marc Oriol. Both them as part of their final career project at Faculty of Computing of Barcelona (FIB).

About Supervisors

My name is Xavier Franch. I'm the scientific coordinator of the GESSI group at the Software (LSI) Department of the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), currently composed of about 15 full-time researchers. My main interests have to be with requirements engineering (with special emphasis in non-functional requirements and goal-oriented modeling), COTS-based systems development (mainly COTS selection), software quality (using quality models) and software architectures. Please visit the GESSI Web Site for more information about the group, including publications. You can contact me at franchlsi.upc.edu.

My name is Jordi Marco. I'm an Associate Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain. He received a MSc and PhD in Computing from the UPC. My research focuses on requirements engineering, service-oriented computing, software quality model-driven development and container libraries. You can contact me at jmarcolsi.upc.edu.

Current version: 2.0.0 (Feb, 4 , 2011)

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