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PNsimpl is a suite of tools for the automatic generation of simple Petri nets, even for complex processes. 3 different packages are provided, depending on the desired goal:


pnslice is tool to mine event logs into transition systems. Every transition system mined by pnslice satisfies a set of structural properties -- properties that may be exploited by synthesizers to generate easy-to-visualize Petri nets.

While pnslice does not include any specific synthesizer to convert the transition systems into other types of models (such as Petri nets), we recommend using Petrify, also used as the base for the examples in the paper.

pnslice is implemented in Python and requires a synthesizer such as Petrify and the latest version of PMLAB.


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pnlsplit discovers duplicate tasks in a transition system, and relabels the tasks in the event log so as to "guide" existing process miners towards obtaining models with improved precision and layout, even if the miners do not natively support duplicate tasks.

pnlsplit requires an existing process mining tool in order to generate and score the candidate models. pnlsplit itself is implemented in Python using PMLAB.


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pnsimpl is a set of utilities for the simplification of Petri net process models.

pnsimpl is provided as a set of different executables, implemented in C++, each of them taking a Petri net (and possibly a set of traces) as an input of file and generating a simplified net as an output.

The format used when reading and writing Petri nets is a subset of PNML.


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