a tool for synthesis of Petri Nets
and asynchronous circuits

Copyright © 1999. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. 

Petrify is a tool for synthesis of Petri nets and asynchronous controllers. Petrify reads a Petri net and generates another bisimilar Petri net which is simpler than the original description. Initially, petrify performs a token flow analysis of the initial Petri net and produces a transition system (TS). In the initial TS, all transitions with the same label are considered as one event. The TS is then transformed and transitions relabeled to fulfill the conditions required to obtain a Petri net. Petrify is able to obtain Petri nets with some specific properties: pure, free choice, unique choice, place irredundant, etc.

The Petri nets accepted by petrify can also be interpreted as Signal Transition Graphs describing the behavior of asynchronous controllers. Petrify is able to solve the Complete State Coding problem and generate a speed-independent circuit.

Petrify also includes another application called draw_astg to draw Signal Transition Graphs in several graphic formats.

Petrify is a tool by Jordi Cortadella, Michael Kishinevsky, Alex Kondratyev, Luciano Lavagno, Enric Pastor and Alexandre Yakovlev.

You can download petrify from here.

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VSTGL: This is an integrated design tool with visualization capabilities to improve the overall design flow for those who often work with Signal Transition Graphs. The tool has a user interface to edit and visualize STGs and an interface to petrify. It has been created by Sune Frankild and Hans Palboel at the Technical University of Denmark.