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Statistical Processing of Natural Language








16 September 2016

Introduction to Statistical Natural Language Processing
Session slides
Introductory Exercises

Horacio Rodríguez

23 September 2016

Language Models
Session slides (1)
Session slides (2)
Exercise Zipf's
Exercise Entropy
Data for the exercises

Horacio Rodríguez

30 September 2016

Finite State Methods
Session slides
Exercise FSA
material for Homework on FSA

Horacio Rodríguez

7 October 2016

Model Estimation (1): Maximum Likelihood
Session slides
Exercise smoothing

Lluís Padró

14 October 2016

Model Estimation (2): Maximum Entropy
ME Exercise
Data for ME exercises
Models for ME exercises
Paired t-test
console history

Lluís Padró

21 October 2016

Hidden Markov Models
Session slides
Expectation Maximization example

Lluís Padró

28 October 2016

Log-Linear Models & Sequence Tagging (1)
Session slides
Exercise: NEC features

Lluís Padró

4 November 2016

Change in classes scheduling (Tuesday schedule)

11 November 2016

Sequence Tagging (2)
Exercise: NER features

Lluís Padró

18 November 2016

Bootstrapping Methods
Session slides
Bootstrapping homework

Jordi Turmo

25 Nobember 2016

Coreference Resolution
Session slides

Jordi Turmo

2 December 2016

Parsing (1)
Session slides
Parsing Exercises

Alicia Ageno

9 December 2016

Parsing (2)
Session slides

Alicia Ageno

16 December 2016

Parsing (3)

Session slides

Alicia Ageno

13  January 2017

Final exam  Room A6206, 11h-14h




Lecture Notes


  1. Michael Collins,
    Head-Driven Statistical Models for Natural Language Parsing,
    Computational Linguistics, Volume 29, Number 4, 2003