Dario Garcia-Gasulla

PhD, Researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

latest news!

I am the programm chair of the 1st High Performance Graph Mining workshop. Submission is now open. Go to hpgm.bsc.es for more details.

about me

Artificial Intelligence PhD by the UPC-Barcelona TECH university.

Joined the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning research group (KEMLg) on 2010. Working in research fields such as:

  • Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
  • Logic-based formalisms of action and change (Situation Calculus, NMCL)
  • Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for wastewater treatment plants
  • Assistive Technologies (AT) for elders
  • Large-scale mining of social network activity for knowledge discovery

After 4 years in the KEMLg, I joined the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in 2014. In there I'm exploring:

  • Parallelization of scalable graph mining algorithms
  • Application of graph mining solutions to biological networks
  • Optimization of graph algorithms for supercomputers
  • Cognitive arquitectures through the combination of Deep Learning and Graph Mining technologies