Survey about i* model interoperability

This is a simple survey that can be answered by those who have, at least, a basic knowledge of the i* framework and regularly build and/or use i* diagrams. The survey is divided into three parts: (i) situational information (this part), (ii) general questions on i* interoperability and (iii) questions on the iStarML proposal. If you have already answered the part I and II go to part III

I. Situational Information

Name (optional)
Institution (optional)

1.- Identify your research or industrial interest topics in which you apply i*
(If you want you can select more than one option)
Requirements Engineering
Goal-oriented Requirements Engineering
Agent-oriented Requirements Engineering
Requirements Patterns
Software Engineering Paradigms
Agent-oriented Software Engineering
Component Based Software Engineering
Software Systems
Agent-oriented Systems
Component-based Systems
Software life-cycle activities and artefacts
Business Process Modelling
Business Process Reengineering
Quality Assessment
Software Architectures
Trust and Reputation
Theories, methods & techniques
Method Engineering
Design Patterns
Knowledge Representation
Other 1
Other 2

2.- Which i*/Tropos variations have you used/are you using?
(If you want you can select more than one option)
Basic i* (Yu 1995)
Tropos i*
Formal Tropos
Secure Tropos
Security-Aware Tropos
REF (Stakeholders' i* version)
Other 1

3.- Which tools do you use/have you used and what for
(If you want you can select more than one option and complete the sentence with a verbal actions such as drawing, analysing, calculating, simulating, etc.)
OME in order to
OpenOME in order to
REDEPEND-REACT in order to
ST-Tool in order to
J-PRIM in order to
jUCMNav in order to
DesCARTES in order to
TAOM4E in order to
GR-Tool in order to
Other 1 in order to
Other 2 in order to