Competencies Transversals

Material para la asignatura de Introduccion a la Logica.


Material para la asignatura de Logica de Primer Orden.



examen02.pdf Solo son relevantes las preguntas 1,5,7 y 8.

examen03.pdf Solo son relevantes las preguntas 1-7.

Material para la asignatura Informatica 2 de la Facultat de Matematicas.

Apuntes sobre Arboles

Material para la asignatura de Informatica I

Solucion 1 a la practica

Solucion 2 a la practica

Software for Teaching Logic

Our software was developed to help the students of the curse "Introduccio a la Logica". The students can work with propositional logic, and first order logic. The application allows the students to:

The main objective of the software is to be didactical. So the students can see how to solve exercices step by step, forwards and backwards.

To use the software you can download the file and then decompress it with winzip into a directory of your local PC. The directories to pay attention to are:

This software was developed at the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya as a student project. The student is Lluis Marzabal Sors and was directed by Glynn Morrill and myself.