Argimiro A. Arratia Quesada

MSc Computer Science (Wisconsin),
PhD Mathematics (Wisconsin)

I currently hold a permanent position at the Computer Science Department of Barcelona Tech (UPC).
Previously, I was a Visiting Professor (2008-2009) at the Economics Dept. of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and from 2003-2008 I held a "Ramón y Cajal" Research position at the Applied Mathematics Dept. of Universidad de Valladolid.
From 1997-2003 I was Associate Professor at Mathematics Dept. of Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela) and also work part-time (2001-2003) as researcher at the Instituto Tecnológico Venezolano de Petróleos (INTEVEP).
My scientific career comprises two stages (so far): I began doing research and publishing papers on Finite Model Theory and Computational Complexity (i.e. Descriptive Complexity),
but since 2010 I have focused my research and publication efforts in Financial Time Series Analysis, Optimization Heuristics and Mathematics of Finance with an emphasis on their algorithmic and numerical aspects (i.e. Computational Finance).
Prof. Argimiro A. Arratia Quesada
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
Department of Computer Science
Barcelona, SPAIN
e-mail: (remove NOSPAM) argimiroNOSPAM_AT_cs_DOT_upc_DOT_edu
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