2005 International Conference on the Analysis of Algorithms (AofA'05)

Final version

    The final version of all accepted manuscripts must be prepared with LaTeX. You should use the style file dmtcs.cls (see below) for contributions to the journal Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS). The file sample-dmtcs.tex below gives the instructions to prepare your final version and serves as an example of usage for dmtcs.cls.

    The proceedings will be published by Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Science. Since the journal is electronic there is no a priori space limitation. Please do not override the size of the text area, font size, interline spacing, etc. defined by the class dmtcs.cls.

    We will go over your final LaTeX document to ensure some coherence in style and appearence, but if you'd observe some of the hints from the beginning this may save substantial amount of work for everybody. Don't think your paper will look exactly as you compiled it yourself.

    Once you have your final version send us all the source files by email (aofa05 -> lsi.upc.edu) not later than April 25th, 2005. We need all the figures, .bib file, etc. in order to compile your paper successfully. Avoid using non-standard LaTeX packages other than the dmtcs.cls itself or those explicitly mentioned in sample-dmtcs.tex. You can also send us a .tar.gz or .zip file with all the source files for your convenience.

    DMTCS needs a copyright transfer of the papers. Please have a look at the document that you have to sign and send it to the address given in the form itself.

    LaTeX style files

    Copyright transfer form


The lecture room will be equipped with two overhead projectors and a beamer for computer presentations. There will be also a PC. We encourage authors to produce a PDF file with their computer presentation and install it beforehand in the room's PC to minimize the time between presentations and avoid problems with uninstalled software, fonts, etc.

We will provide soon here the specific information about the measures of the panels for posters.