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Local Arrangements

The conferences, including the reception and tutorial sessions, will be held at the Casa de Convalescència, hosted by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute for Catalan Studies).

Institut d'Estudis Catalans
Casa de Convalescència
Carrer del Carme, 47 (=Carme street, 47)
Phone: +34 932 701 620

Please note that this phone is not the conference organization phone. It should be used only during the duration of the conferences as a quick way to contact conference participants.

On the conference venue

The Casa de Convalescència, is a beautiful, 17th century building initially designed as a hospital. It is centrally located in downtown Barcelona, within walking distance of many of the major attractions and cultural centers.

A few location maps are here, here, and here.

How to get there

Generally speaking, you want to get to La Rambla street (also written Las Ramblas or Les Rambles). This is the main the main artery in Barcelona's old town, leading from the central Catalunya Square to the Old Port. If you are taking the metro to get there, take Line 3 (the green line) and exit at either the Plaça Catalunya or Liceu stops.

Carme Street goes west from La Rambla. You can identify it by the baroque church on the corner. Walk for 5 minutes: the Casa de Convalescència is on the left, immediately after the small "Dr. Fleming" square.

From the Catalonia Duques de Bergara hotel, exit to Catalunya Square, find Las Ramblas on your right and follow the instructions above. With a good a map or a good sense of orientation, you can also try to find a more direct way using smaller streets.

From the Residencia de Investigadores: The Residencia is on the corner of Hospital Street and Egipciaques Street. Just follow Egipciaques Street to the next corner, which is Carme Street, and go right. The entrance to the conference venue is a few meters away.

Information for speakers

Standard and invited sessions: Please identify yourself to your session chair before the session starts. Each lecture room is equipped with a beamer and a PC. In principle the PC is connected to Internet, but we suggest that you bring your presentation in a USB stick or a CD, probably with a backup. You can use your own laptop, especially if you need any special software or large amounts of data; in this case, allow some extra time before your session to check that your equipment connects properly to the beamer.

Poster presentation session (Sunday 8th, 16:10-17:40): The previous comments apply. Since you only have a 5-minute slot, using your own laptop with the resulting time loss is not encouraged.

Poster session (Sunday 8th, 17:55-19:00): You will have a poster board of 2 meter (high) x 1 meter (wide) at your disposal. They will be available on Sunday starting around 10:00 for your preparation. Please note that it will not be possible to print your poster material in site.

Please ask the organizers with time if you have any questions.