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Current spin-offs
Former spin-offs

Our department collaborates with companies by exploring the benefits that our research can bring to achieve their goals. This collaboration is usually done by technology consulting or by projects assignments. CaixaBank, [ALTRES] are examples of companies to which we have transferred technology.

If you are a company interested in our technology, you can directly contact with the appropriated research group or with our Technology Transfer Center

Current Spin-offs

Big Data for health management. Healthcare management of “data analytics” with more advanced tools than traditional Business Intelligence. Based on machine learning algorithms, we offer decision-making solutions in complex areas of management, which lead to the rationalization of resources, savings and better quality of care.
Spin off created by the UPC with the aim of marketing the technology associated with digital transformation by processes in organizations. It is a technology that allows you to model business processes easily and with high quality, using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and formal methods algorithms.
Barcelogic was founded in spring 2010. It aims at providing faster and cheaper for the industrial planning and timetabling of tasks, processes and human resources techniques, as well as generating improvements with a high potential impact on costs and benefits, welfare and productivity of people, and also for the environment. It applies its own combinatorial optimization technology, considered among world’s best for this kind of applications.
sisltech-logo SISLtech was founded in spring 2003. It is a company specialized in the design and implementation of advanced control and intelligent systems within the three-pronged framework of water, energy and waste. The company applies its own intelligent supervisory system architecture based on intelligent components like a rule-based system, a case-based reasoning system and a fuzzy logic control strategy, obtaining relevant reduction in energy consumption and operation costs while ensuring reliable and optimal management of systems under control.

Former Spin-Offs

genomvisiologo-gif GenomVisio offered three basic products together in an educational portal GenomEdu and they were developing a product in the world of 3D medical images. All this so as to offer Web services.


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