Java Platform 1.2

Interface InvokeHandler

public abstract interface InvokeHandler

Method Summary
 OutputStream _invoke(String method, InputStream input, ResponseHandler handler)
          Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant.

Method Detail


public OutputStream _invoke(String method,
                            InputStream input,
                            ResponseHandler handler)
                     throws SystemException
Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant. ORB passes the method name, an InputStream containing the marshalled arguments, and a ResponseHandler which the servant uses to construct a proper reply. Only CORBA SystemException may be thrown by this method. The method must return an OutputStream created by the ResponseHandler which contains the marshalled reply. A servant must not retain a reference to the ResponseHandler beyond the lifetime of a method invocation. Servant behaviour is defined as follows: 1. Determine correct method, and unmarshal parameters from InputStream. 2. Invoke method implementation. 3. If no user exception, create a normal reply using ResponseHandler. 4. If user exception occurred, create exception reply using ResponseHandler. 5. Marshal reply into OutputStream returned by ResponseHandler. 6. Return OutputStream to ORB.
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