Java Platform 1.2

Interface IDLEntity

All Known Subinterfaces:
BindingIterator, IDLType, IRObject, NamingContext
All Known Implementing Classes:
Any, CompletionStatus, DefinitionKind, NameValuePair, ServiceDetail, ServiceInformation, SetOverrideType, StructMember, TypeCode, UnionMember, UserException, ValueMember, Binding, BindingType, NameComponent, CannotProceed, NotFound, InvalidName, NotEmpty, AlreadyBound, NotFoundReason

public abstract interface IDLEntity
extends Serializable

An interface with no members whose only purpose is to serve as a marker indicating that an implementing class is a Java value type from IDL that has a corresponding Helper class. RMI IIOP serialization looks for such a marker to perform marshalling/unmarshalling.

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