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Class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.FormAction


public class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.FormAction
extends HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.SpecialAction

Action to support forms by building all of the elements used to represent form controls. This will process the <input>, <textarea>, <select>, and <option> tags. The element created by this action is expected to have the attribute StyleConstants.ModelAttribute set to the model that holds the state for the form control. This enables multiple views, and allows document to be iterated over picking up the data of the form. The following are the model assignments for the various type of form elements.

Element Type Model Type
input, type button DefaultButtonModel
input, type checkbox JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel
input, type image DefaultButtonModel
input, type password PlainDocument
input, type radio JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel
input, type reset DefaultButtonModel
input, type submit DefaultButtonModel
input, type text or type is null. PlainDocument
select OptionComboBoxModel or an OptionListBoxModel, with an item type of Option
textarea TextAreaDocument

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void end(HTML.Tag t)
 void start(HTML.Tag t, MutableAttributeSet attr)
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.FormAction()
Method Detail


public void start(HTML.Tag t,
                  MutableAttributeSet attr)
start in class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.SpecialAction


public void end(HTML.Tag t)
end in class HTMLDocument.HTMLReader.TagAction

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