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Class BlockView

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public class BlockView
extends BoxView

A view implementation to display a block (as a box) with CSS specifications.

Fields inherited from class javax.swing.text.View
BadBreakWeight, ExcellentBreakWeight, ForcedBreakWeight, GoodBreakWeight, X_AXIS, Y_AXIS
Constructor Summary
BlockView(Element elem, int axis)
          Creates a new view that represents an html box.
Method Summary
 float getAlignment(int axis)
          Gets the alignment.
 AttributeSet getAttributes()
          Fetches the attributes to use when rendering.
 int getResizeWeight(int axis)
          Gets the resize weight.
protected  StyleSheet getStyleSheet()
 void paint(Graphics g, Shape allocation)
          Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface.
protected  void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
          Update any cached values that come from attributes.
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.BoxView
baselineLayout, baselineRequirements, calculateMajorAxisRequirements, calculateMinorAxisRequirements, changedUpdate, childAllocation, flipEastAndWestAtEnds, getHeight, getMaximumSpan, getMinimumSpan, getOffset, getPreferredSpan, getSpan, getViewAtPoint, getWidth, insertUpdate, isAfter, isAllocationValid, isBefore, layout, layoutMajorAxis, layoutMinorAxis, modelToView, paintChild, preferenceChanged, removeUpdate, replace, setSize, viewToModel
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append, getBottomInset, getChildAllocation, getInsideAllocation, getLeftInset, getNextEastWestVisualPositionFrom, getNextNorthSouthVisualPositionFrom, getNextVisualPositionFrom, getRightInset, getTopInset, getView, getViewAtPosition, getViewCount, getViewIndexAtPosition, insert, loadChildren, modelToView, removeAll, setInsets, setParagraphInsets, setParent
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.text.View
breakView, createFragment, getBreakWeight, getContainer, getDocument, getElement, getEndOffset, getParent, getStartOffset, getViewFactory, isVisible, modelToView, viewToModel
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Constructor Detail


public BlockView(Element elem,
                 int axis)
Creates a new view that represents an html box. This can be used for a number of elements.
elem - the element to create a view for
axis - either View.X_AXIS or View.Y_AXIS
Method Detail


public void paint(Graphics g,
                  Shape allocation)
Renders using the given rendering surface and area on that surface. This is implemented to delegate to the css box painter to paint the border and background prior to the interior.
g - the rendering surface to use
allocation - the allocated region to render into
paint in class BoxView
See Also:
View.paint(java.awt.Graphics, java.awt.Shape)


public AttributeSet getAttributes()
Fetches the attributes to use when rendering. This is implemented to multiplex the attributes specified in the model with a StyleSheet.
getAttributes in class View


public int getResizeWeight(int axis)
Gets the resize weight.
axis - may be either X_AXIS or Y_AXIS
the weight
IllegalArgumentException - for an invalid axis
getResizeWeight in class BoxView


public float getAlignment(int axis)
Gets the alignment.
axis - may be either X_AXIS or Y_AXIS
the alignment
getAlignment in class BoxView


protected void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
Update any cached values that come from attributes.


protected StyleSheet getStyleSheet()

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