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Packages that use BoxView
javax.swing.text Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components. 
javax.swing.text.html Provides the class HTMLEditorKit and supporting classes for creating HTML text editors. 

Uses of BoxView in javax.swing.text

Subclasses of BoxView in javax.swing.text
 class ParagraphView
          View of a simple line-wrapping paragraph that supports multiple fonts, colors, components, icons, etc.
 class TableView
           Implements View interface for a table, that is composed of an element structure where the child elements of the element this view is responsible for represent rows and the child elements of the row elements are cells.
 class TableView.TableCell
          View of a cell in a table
 class TableView.TableRow
          View of a row in a table.
 class WrappedPlainView
          View of plain text (text with only one font and color) that does line-wrapping.

Uses of BoxView in javax.swing.text.html

Subclasses of BoxView in javax.swing.text.html
 class BlockView
          A view implementation to display a block (as a box) with CSS specifications.
 class ListView
          A view implementation to display an html list

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