Java Platform 1.2

Class BasicComboPopup.InvocationMouseHandler


protected class BasicComboPopup.InvocationMouseHandler
extends MouseAdapter

This listener knows how and when to invoke this popup menu. It also helps with click-and-drag scenarios by setting the selection if the mouse was released over the list during a drag.

Constructor Summary
protected BasicComboPopup.InvocationMouseHandler()
Method Summary
 void mousePressed(MouseEvent e)
 void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e)
Methods inherited from class java.awt.event.MouseAdapter
mouseClicked, mouseEntered, mouseExited
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Constructor Detail


protected BasicComboPopup.InvocationMouseHandler()
Method Detail


public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e)
mousePressed in class MouseAdapter


public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e)
mouseReleased in class MouseAdapter

Java Platform 1.2

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