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Interface Icon

All Known Implementing Classes:
ImageIcon, IconUIResource, MetalCheckBoxIcon, MetalComboBoxIcon, MetalIconFactory.FolderIcon16, MetalIconFactory.FileIcon16, MetalIconFactory.TreeControlIcon

public abstract interface Icon

A small fixed size picture, typically used to decorate components.

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Method Summary
 int getIconHeight()
          Returns the icon's height.
 int getIconWidth()
          Returns the icon's width.
 void paintIcon(Component c, Graphics g, int x, int y)
          Draw the icon at the specified location.

Method Detail


public void paintIcon(Component c,
                      Graphics g,
                      int x,
                      int y)
Draw the icon at the specified location. Icon implementations may use the Component argument to get properties useful for painting, e.g. the foreground or background color.


public int getIconWidth()
Returns the icon's width.
an int specifying the fixed width of the icon.


public int getIconHeight()
Returns the icon's height.
an int specifying the fixed height of the icon.

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