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Uses of Class

Packages that use JarEntry Provides the classes for implementing networking applications. 
java.util.jar Provides classes for reading and writing the JAR (Java ARchive) file format, which is based on the standard ZIP file format with an optional manifest file. 

Uses of JarEntry in

Methods in that return JarEntry
 JarEntry JarURLConnection.getJarEntry()
          Return the JAR entry object for this connection, if any.

Uses of JarEntry in java.util.jar

Methods in java.util.jar that return JarEntry
 JarEntry JarFile.getJarEntry(String name)
          Returns the JarEntry for the given entry name or null if not found.
 JarEntry JarInputStream.getNextJarEntry()
          Reads the next JAR file entry and positions the stream at the beginning of the entry data.

Constructors in java.util.jar with parameters of type JarEntry
JarEntry.JarEntry(JarEntry je)
          Creates a new JarEntry with fields taken from the specified JarEntry object.

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