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Class UnknownObjectException


public class UnknownObjectException
extends ActivationException

An UnknownObjectException is thrown by methods of classes and interfaces in the java.rmi.activation package when the ActivationID parameter to the method is determined to be invalid. An ActivationID is invalid if it is not currently known by the ActivationSystem. An ActivationID is obtained by the ActivationSystem.registerObject method. An ActivationID is also obtained during the Activatable.register call.

See Also:
Activatable, ActivationGroup, ActivationID, ActivationMonitor, ActivationSystem, Activator, Serialized Form

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Constructor Summary
UnknownObjectException(String s)
          Constructs an UnknownObjectException with the specified detail message.
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fillInStackTrace, getLocalizedMessage, toString
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Constructor Detail


public UnknownObjectException(String s)
Constructs an UnknownObjectException with the specified detail message.
s - the detail message

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