Jordi Cortadella, director of the Department of Computer Science

On April 7 took place the appointment of Jordi Cortadella Fortuny as director of the Department of Computer Science, of which is the head since February 2013. As such, he led the process of unit name change, formerly known as the Departament de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics.

After a proposal, promoted by the department’s PDI and approved by the Governing Council on 21 July 2014, the new nomenclature CS has prevailed in an international scale, better describing the activities developed by the academic unit.

PhD in Computer Science from UPC and university professor, Jordi Cortadella has been previously vice-dean of the Facultat d’Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB), Chairman of the Comissió de Selecció i Avaluació de Professors i Investigadors de la Universitat (CSAPIU) and member of the Doctoral Committee of the UPC.

As a teacher, he has taught at the FIB and the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics (FME) in the field of algorithms and programming. As a researcher, develops research in the fields of algorithms and the design of nanoelectronic circuits, work done within the research group Algorismia, Bioinformàtica, Complexitat i Mètodes Formals (ALBCOM)

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