Project from PADS group (ALBCOM) earns Special Mention at 12è premi de valorització de la recerca.

The jury of 12è premi de valorització de la recerca grants a Special mention to the project Data Science Techniques for non-technical loss detection in energy consumption from professor Josep Carmona, from Process and Data Science (PADS) Group – ALBCOM.

The project, developed for Naturgy (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa) tackels the problem of non technical loss (NTL) in energy distribution (gas and electricity).

The aim of this collaboration is to develop techniques, methodologies and applications in order to change the way the enterprise faces NTL detection in gas and electricity consumption. This has meant the design and architecture of a data model, adapting techniques of academical data science to a reality of raw data, and adding techniques to allow Naturgy personnel to understand the results, simplifying and optimizing its search.

The jury has assessed it for being and project which offers a technological solution that can have a good market trajectory, scalable, monetizable, with high economical and social impact to sector enterprises, and with the possibility of a quick growth.

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Marie Ely Piceno awarded Best Student Paper at IEEE CBMS 2019

At the 32nd IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems – IEEE CBMS 2019, which took place at Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba, the PhD student of our department Marie Ely Piceno has been awarded the “Best Student Paper Award” for the paper she presented there, entitled “Hierarchical Visualization of Co-Ocurrence Patterns on Diagnostic Data”.

The paper has as co-authors José Luis Balcázar (her supervisor) and Laura Rodríguez-Navas.

Mathematics and Computational Sciences at the UPC lead the Leiden 2019 ranking at European level

They share the podium’s first place with Imperial College London. This ranking measures the academic impact and the level of scientific collaboration from the analysis bibliometric indicators.

The Leiden ranking aims to facilitate a careful measurement of the academic impact of universities and their level of scientific collaboration based on the analysis of a series of bibliometric indicators. The field of action is research. Specifically, the UPC is located in the ‘top 50’ of the world (at 44th place) and 1st in Europe in volume of publications in the field of the #Mathematics and the Computation Sciences.

Information 2019 Edition

Congratulations to the entire UPC mathematical community and also to the Computer Sciences one!

Other editions and more information about the Leiden Ranking

The ViRVIG Research Group at the Fira del coneixement, Berga 9-10 April 2019

The ViRVIG Research Group will be at the Fira del coneixement the next 9-10 of April.

The purpose of La fira del coneixement is to publicize key projects related to the science and technology of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and other research centers. This year, they will deal with very different topics, from virtual reality, materials, planetary missions, to sustainability issues. It is about increasing the interest of young people, and society in general, by these matters, fostering the spirit of learning based on research, and stimulating scientific vocations, demonstrating that science is at the reach of everyone and that strives to approach society.

[UPDATED] HPC queue service update

UPDATE: The SGE queue service will be definitely unavailable on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019.

Over the next months, our High-Performance-Computing system queue will be upgraded. Our SGE/OGE system will be replaced with the Slurm queue system.

This month, a testing platform based on Slurm + Ubuntu 18.04LTS will be available in order to let users adapt their executions providing the same queue restrictions.

Do not hesitate in contacting rdlab for further information.

RDlab service maintenance on Tuesday, March 26th

In order to improve the service, all servers inside the Omega Datacenter will be moved to a new location on Tuesday, March 26th.

This process implies a total downtime of all servers and services from 08:00 to 18:00. Hence, no service, data or network will be available at that time.

The mail service will not be affected and access to emails and folders will be working as usual.

Please, for any question, contact RDlab.

“Conformance Checking – Relating Processes and Models” new book by Josep Carmona

The professor of the CS department Josep Carmona has released the book “Conformance Checking – Relating Processes and Models”. The book has been written along with Boudewijn van Dongen from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Andreas Solti from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and Matthias Weidlich from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

This book introduces readers to the field of conformance checking as a whole and outlines the fundamental relation between modelled and recorded behaviour. Conformance checking interrelates the modelled and recorded behaviour of a given process and provides techniques and methods for comparing and analysing observed instances of a process in the presence of a model, independent of the model’s origin. Its goal is to provide an overview of the essential techniques and methods in this field at an intuitive level, together with precise formalisations of its underlying principles.

The book is divided into three parts, that are meant to cover different perspectives of the field of conformance checking. Part I presents a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the essential concepts used to interrelate modelled and recorded behaviour. It also serves as a reference for assessing how conformance checking efforts could be applied in specific domains. Next, Part II provides readers with detailed insights into algorithms for conformance checking, including the most commonly used formal notions and their instantiation for specific analysis questions. Lastly, Part III highlights applications that help to make sense of conformance checking results, thereby providing a necessary next step to increase the value of a given process model. They help to interpret the outcomes of conformance checking and incorporate them by means of enhancement and repair techniques.

Providing the core building blocks of conformance checking and describing its main applications, this book mainly addresses students specializing in business process management, researchers entering process mining and conformance checking for the first time, and advanced professionals whose work involves process evaluation, modelling and optimization.

The book, as well as some reviews, can be found here

Josep Carmona is an associate professor at the Computer Science Department of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain. He has taught process mining to students and practitioners for a decade in several countries. He is also an active researcher in process mining, business process management, formal methods and data science. He is involved in several open-source projects related to these fields.

New “MyDisk” cloud file storage service

The Research and Development lab updates the information services for research and technology transfer of projects with a cloud service. The main features of this new service for researchers are:

  • Hosted at the UPC facilities
  • Free software based on NextCloud and MaxScale projects
  • Accessible via web or with free clients for all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android)
  • Possibilities for collaborative simultaneous editing of documents from the browser
  • Sharing files and folders with other users of both the CS department and external ones

More information can be found here.