Premi FIB Alumni al millor Treball de Fi de Grau del curs acadèmic 2021/2022.

L’associació d’antics alumnes de la FIB “FIB Alumni” ha atorgat a l’alumne Aniol Bisquert Parés el Premi FIB Alumni al millor Treball de Fi de Grau del curs acadèmic 2021/2022.
El treball, titulat “Un algorisme basat en Artificial Bee Colony per al problema dels nodes crítics en xarxes” ha estat dirigit per la professora Maria J. Blesa.
L’entrega del premi es va dur a terme el passat 18 de novembre, a l’Acte Acadèmic FIB 2022-2023 pels titulats del GEI.

ALBCOM Seminar on Algorithms and Theory of Computation

Date: Thursday July 7 2022
Time: 12h
Where: FIB Sala de Juntes B6-planta 1, Campus Nord UPC

Speaker: Renzo Angles, Department of Computer Science, Universidad de Talca, Chile.

Title:  “Harnessing the Knowledge: Languages and Models underlying Knowledge Graphs”


A knowledge graph is a large database that integrates information from different data sources with the aim of generating additional information and knowledge. This database is represented by a graph.  Thus, the entities are represented by nodes, and the relationships among these entities are represented by edges. The purpose of this presentation is to review the data models used to represent knowledge graphs, the query languages that allow extracting information and the deductive and inductive methods that allow  generating knowledge.


Renzo Angles received a degree of Bachelor in Systems Engineering from Universidad Católica de Santa María (Arequipa, Perú), and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Universidad de Chile. He is professor at the Universidad de Talca (Chile) since 2009, and currently is Director of the Department of Computer Science. He is also a researcher in the Millenium Institute for Foundational Research on Data (Chile). His research interests dwell in the intersection of graph databases and the Semantic Web. Specifically, he is currently working on the theory and design of graph query languages, benchmarking of graph/RDF databases, and analysis of proteins using graph technologies.

New book: Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Professor Miquel Sànchez-Marrè

Professor Miquel Sànchez-Marrè, from Computer Science Department, and KEMLG (link=> Research Group member and IDEAI-UPC (link => Research Center member, has published a new book:

M. Sànchez-Marrè (2022). Intelligent Decision Support Systems. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022.

Presents the emergent interdisciplinary field of Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS). It shows how to analyze, to design, to implement, and to validate IDSS in complex systems and describes current issues in integration of different intelligent/numerical/statistical methods.

References and availability:
ISBN: 978-3-030-87789-7 (Print), 978-3-030-87790-3 (eBook)

CAV Award for Robert Nieuwenhuis and Albert Oliveras

Every year the International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV) gives the CAV Award (except in 2020 due to the pandemic) for fundamental contributions to the field of Computer-Aided Verification. Specifics vary for each year.

In 2021, the CAV Award recognizes the pioneering contributions to the foundations of the theory and practice of satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) and has been awarded to 21 great researchers.

It is our pleasure and pride that two researchers of the CS department of UPC are among them: professors Robert Nieuwenhuis and Albert Oliveras.

The whole list of awardees of 2021 can be found in:

Our warm congratulations to all the recipients.