Audi Primadhanty

Email: lastname@cs.upc.edu

PhD student
Advisors: Xavier Carreras , Ariadna Quattoni
Natural Language Processing Research Group
Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya

  • Low-Rank Regularization for Sparse Conjunctive Feature Spaces: An Application to Named Entity Classification   [paper]   [slides]   [presentation]   [data]
    A. Primadhanty, X. Carreras, A. Quattoni, ACL-2015
  • Data Definition Ontology for clinical data integration and querying   [paper]
    A. Assele Kama, A. Primadhanty, R. Choquet, D. Teodoro, F. Enders, C. Duclos, M. Jaulent, MIE-2012