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My name is Joanna Ochremiak, I am a postdoctoral fellow at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya under the mentorship of Albert Atserias.


My research interests include: constraint satisfaction problems, finite model theory, computation theory with atoms, automata over infinite alphabets & database theory.


Extended Constraint Satisfaction Problems

PhD thesis   ||  download↓

Eliminating Recursion from Monadic Datalog Programs on Trees | with Filip Mazowiecki, Adam Witkowski

MFCS 2015  ||  download↓

Locally Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems | with Bartek Klin, Eryk Kopczyński, Szymon Toruńczyk

LICS 2015  ||  download↓

Algebraic Properties of Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problem | with Marcin Kozik

ICALP 2015  ||  download↓  ||  full↓

Turing Machines with Atoms, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, and Descriptive Complexity | with Bartek Klin, Sławek Lasota, Szymon Toruńczyk

LICS 2014  ||  download↓

Nominal Sets over Algebraic Atoms

RAMiCS 2014  ||  download↓


Homomorphism Problems for First-Order Definable Structures

21.04.2016  Logic & AI Seminar Imperial College London
12.04.2016  ALGA 2016  ||  download↓

Extended Constraint Satisfaction Problems | 24.02.2016

PhD defence  ||  download↓

Algebraic Necessary Condition for Tractability of Valued CSP | 18.09.2015

HIGHLIGHTS 2015  ||  download↓

Deciding FO-definable CSP instances | 24.07.2015

Dagstuhl Seminar  ||  download↓

Locally Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems

08.07.2015  LICS 2015 Kyoto
02.06.2015  Verification Seminar Oxford  ||  download↓
22.05.2015  ToCAI Seminar Middlesex University, London
15.05.2015  Logic and Semantics Seminar Cambridge
09.01.2015  Seminar “Automata” LIAFA, Paris

Algebraic Properties of Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problem

06.07.2015  ICALP 2015 Kyoto  ||  download↓
20.05.2015  Algorithms Seminar Oxford

Turing Machines with Atoms and Constraint Satisfaction Problems | 3.09.2014

HIGHLIGHTS 2014  ||  download↓

Nominal Sets over Algebraic Atoms | 29.04.2014

RAMiCS 2014  ||  download↓


ERC grant AUTAR led by Albert Atserias

NCN grant New Notion of Finiteness in Theory of Computation led by Mikołaj Bojańczyk

ALBCOM Research Group

Blog on computation with atoms


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