WCCI 2016 Special Session (IJCNN) on
Computational Intelligence for Personal Health

Aims & Scope

Personal health is widely seen as the future of healthcare, with a focus on the 4Ps: Prediction, Prevention, Personalisation and Participatory healthcare.  This is distinct from pharmacogenomics or stratified therapies, but focuses instead on tracking our health – rather than illness – using wearable sensors and other home/wifi sensors to measure our physical state over time. This is a data-rich context in which Computational Intelligence (CI) can provide a wide range of tools for health-related knowledge extraction. Trends can then be identified which are used for a range of purposes from motivation for regular exercising to prevention and early screening for unexpected deterioration. Where individuals suffer from chronic conditions, this approach can help to target the right intervention at the right time.  This topic has links with health vaults, with avatars, as well as supporting care for the specific groups such as the elderly. This is a topic in which data integration is of key importance and different types of data can be brought in to provide context, ranging from demographics to social media.

This workshop will focus on methodologies from the fields of Machine Learning (ML) and, in the broadest sense, CI, as well as on prototype applications targeting this emergent area of health care.
that are of interest to this session include (but are not necessarily limited to):

Important Dates
Paper submission: January 15, 2016
Paper decision notification: March 15, 2016
Camera-ready submission: April 15, 2016

Session Chairs
Paulo J.G. Lisboa: P.J.Lisboa@ljmu.ac.uk (Computing & Mathematical Sciences, Liverpool John Moores Univ., U.K.)
Alfredo Vellido, avellido@cs.upc.edu (Dept of Computer Science, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain)
Jose D. Martín-Guerrero, jose.d.martin@uv.es (Dept of Electronic Engineering, Universitat de València, Spain)